To Heaven with a Handbasket!

Maybe it’s because this winter feels like it is never going to end, but I am already itching to get my hands into a little dirt, and so this great idea from the Summit Dominican Nuns is singing to me!

Write the sisters:

If you are a gardener you know how dirty, dry and cut your hands can get even if you are wearing gloves! And admit it, don’t you often prefer sinking your hands into the earth during planting season?

This is actually a giant bone of contention between me and my husband. He wants to know why I don’t wear gloves; I like to feel and smell the dirt. He figures it’s an Irish thing.

The basket is crammed with good stuff, including the singularly great Hand Creme and a tin of what they call “Gardener’s Salve”:

…a blend of beeswax, cocoa butter, olive oil and essential oils of Lavender. Great for chapped or dry hands and knuckles. Massage into nails to help prevent splitting! Available ONLY with Gardener’s Basket!

I like this a lot! Hurry Springtime!

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  • Manny L.

    Oh you’re a gardner too? No wonder I’ve become addicted to this blog. LOL, it has all my interests.

    I don’t use gloves either, and i’m not Irish. Neither does my garden obsessed mother, and we are Italian – and my mother is Italian old school. ;)

    Not only can’t I wait for the spring, this winter has confirmed it for me: I HATE winter!

  • Megan

    Oh my! I am Irish too (maiden name O’Brien) and I absolutely love to garden bare-handed too! Unfortunately it’s catching up with my 47 year old hands (my husband once said my hands looked like old lady hands – he’ll never live that one down!). Gardening for me is great stresss-relief and very therapeutic.

    Anyway, fellow Irish gardeners unite!

  • shana

    I’ve got not a drop (that I know of) of Irish blood, and Bill does. He prefers to wear gloves and I never do unless working around ‘jagger’ bushes (as we say in the Ohio Valley).

    I also prefer to go barefoot in the garden as well, only using shoes when I have to use the shovel.

    There is just something peaceful and soothing about touching and smelling the honest earth.

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  • By the Sea

    I don’t like wearing gloves either, especially when I’m weeding. It’s easier to sense if the root of the weed is going to break. Also, when some gloves get dirty, they get this “fingernails on the chalkboard” feel to them that I hate.

    On the other hand, I don’t like having my skin get dried out from the dirt either. Life ain’t fair!

  • Rebecca

    Best advice I have ever gotten regarding dirty hands: before gardening scratch a piece of soap with your nails, getting the soap under your nails. When you are done and wash your hands, your nails will be easily cleaned.

  • Myssi

    There is something wonderful about the earth that God called “good” and I love to get my hands in it. I am putting in several new azalea bushes this year and can hardly wait. :) Gotta get myself this basket first though…thanks for the link.

  • Patti Day

    Why can I never get to the sister’s website? I’d like to order the basket, but I always get a message that the website doesn’t exist.

    [What browser are you using? I notice that my site and links show up differently in Firefox and in IE. Perhaps type the url in, instead of trying the link? it's If other blogspot addresses work for you, it should, too. Hope that helps! -admin]

  • Zophiel

    I too am ready to play in the dirt– once the snow has melted and the ground is a little less sodden. I’ve got onions and leeks sprouting already, ready to go our into the coldframes I have yet to aquire (*smacks forehead*).

    I’ve Irish in me as well (from the Donovan stock), and I loathe gloves. I’ll wear them if I need to, like when pulling up bad raspberry canes, but otherwise I need to be able to feel what I’m doing. And if I’m mucking about in herbs, I love when my hands end up smelling of basil, oregano, thyme, mint, or whathaveyou. Mmmm, so good!

  • F

    My Irish born mom hates gloves, but has started using the nitrile purple type to protect her hands. Being from the Depression/WWII era, she of course washes and reuses them. Earth. It just centers us. Scientific research has been done showing stuff about electrical grounding that we now lack due to the rubber soled shoes we wear; sporting the extra electrons is apparently leading to predisposition to disease states or somesuch. So, dig away. Apparently there is data to back up your happy preference!

  • Patti Day

    Thnk you. Pasting the URL address worked perfectly.

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