Please Pray for 2 young boys – UPDATED

Readers may remember that DeLynn has kept us supplied with photographs and updates of the devastation and slow recovery of the village of Petit Goave, Haiti, since the January earthquake. She has informed me that her 11-year old son, Sam, has recently suffered a seizure, and an MRI reveals a mass affecting the brain.

Sam is building a reputation in basketball

DeLynn has given me permission to introduce you to Sam. She writes that consultations with a pediatric neurologist and a ped. oncologist have given them hope that this mass may (hopefully) be benign, but no matter what, surgery will be unavoidable. They are hoping to have a biopsy done by the middle of next week. My mother’s heart went out to her in complete sympathy when DeLynn wrote:

I have never felt this pain before. I do, however, have faith in my son’s Heavenly Father. I know He can carry us through this.

What agony for a parent, to go through these trials with their children! I am going to commend Sam and his family to the especial attention of the Holy Family of Nazareth, and ask also for the intercessory prayers by St. Nicholas, who is the patron of children, and of Cardinal John O’ Connor, who passed from a brain cancer.

I’ve also had a request for prayers for an 8 year-old named Jacob, whose liver appears to be failing. He was released from the hospital just a few days ago, when an initial liver ailment seemed to be getting better, but today I read:

Things are not going too well for Jacob. He was hospitalized again today, and now is on his way back to Children’s Hospital in St. Louis for a biopsy. Blood work indicates his liver could be failing.

I know we all keep lots of little boys and girls in our prayers, all over the world, and for all sorts of needs. If you are so inclined, please remember these two kids and their families in your prayers.

By the way, a long time ago, I asked for prayers for Liz, who is also dealing with brain cancer. She was 29 when I first asked; she’s 30 now, and still fighting. Please be generous in prayer.

Just learned that reader Jan has had to rush her husband, who has been very ill for a while, to the hospital. Not sure what is up. Please also pray for her husband, Dan. Thanks.

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