Mighty Obama Tempts Nature! – UPDATES


From an email:

Recall what Obama’s said after healthcare in response to his critics: that the earth had not opened up and that nothing was falling from the sky. That is precisely what happened within days of his mocking pronouncement: the volcano and the Midwest fireball.

Oh, do we want to go there, and give Obama that much power? That his adolescent sneers at his opposition carry such weight that even Nature must respond?

I mean, it is sort of a funny coincidence, and Obama did once promise that his mere nomination as the Democratic Presidencital Candidate would be enough to slow the rise of the oceans and begin to heal the planet, but I don’t hold with that sort of delusional thinking. I steadfastly maintained that George W. Bush was not responsible for hurricanes, I am going to be consistent and say Barack Obama’s weird bitterness is not responsible for the recent spate of earthquakes, volcanoes, meteors, droughts, floods or UFO sightings.

Of course, if he starts acting like he’s listening to signals again*, all bets may be off!

(*Meant to add a CNN video of Obama discussing Fannie Mae at and October 2008 debate, wherein he stops talking, tilts his head to the left, and then says – apparently to no one- “that’s what I said,” before continuing. Amusing, but it can no longer be found on YouTube.)


Art at New Wineskins talks about this and Obama’s 22 Black Cross Pens. I don’t think I’d heard about him saying “it is done.”


Meanwhile, Crescat is taking down that volcano, which is keeping her from getting to Rome

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