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Elder Son & Buster, long ago

Longtime readers may recall that while he was in High School Buster frequently landed in the ER usually from a rash move on the playing field:

Now he’s away at college, and here we are again. Only Buster can apply himself to his homework and land in the hospital! He had an assignment to videotape reactions to the breaking of social norms, and then to analyze them. His partner taped him intruding on a game of catch by making a play intended for another.

His dramatic catch-and-roll may have resulted in a broken shoulder, or a torn something-or-other. He’s in an ER hundreds of miles away, and we await the news.

Hopefully, he’ll be able to make a rehearsal, tonight, for the singing job he appears to have nailed, albeit with a probationary period. I wonder what kind of first impression he will make if he shows up in a sling, and goofy on painkillers! Sigh.

People ask why I pray so much. It started because of my kids!

UPDATE: Okay, so it’s thankfully not a break, but he’s still in a sling for at least a week; hopefully he didn’t tear anything. Meanwhile, a friend just wrote that she had to put down her cat and my BIL just had his dog die in his arms, after playing with him in the yard. What a weird day this is!

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