Rounding Up the News UPDATED

BREAKING NEWS: NYC Car Bombing episode looks increasingly like work of terrorists. It takes a lot to get anyone to admit it. Let’s be aware of this: were it not for technical difficulties last weekend in NY, and in the air last December 26th, we’d now be talking about two successful terrorist attacks on America, in the last 6 months.

The Government is keeping its options open, though. You never know, this might have been the work of government-hating grandmas:

Officials cautioned that even if the investigation points toward an international link, rather than domestic or anti-government groups, that does not mean al-Qaeda or another terrorist organization is necessarily involved.

These are real attacks. They count. The only thing that has kept them from being deadly has been the incompetence of the terrorists, and some eagle-eyed civilians.

I wonder how long our luck will hold?


It’s that time of the day – where I look at my tabbar and realize the best way to share it all with you is just to throw it all your way.

Let’s start with this creepy ad for Big Brother Tax Amnesty.

Three men on different pages of the same book: Victor Davis Hanson, Mark Steyn, and Doug Ross All must-reads, but watch your blood pressure; keep telling yourself, “t’was ever thus…”

Speaking of Ross, he has an illustrated timeline of the oil-spill disaster in the Gulf which, which will have broad consequences and, we are told, looks “like chocolate milk!” – a description only someone with a “D” after his name could ever get away with. But they can get away with saying a lot of questionable, aggressive and bullying or goofy things. Don’t cry about it; life isn’t fair. Just keep track.

Powerline also has a timeline of the spill and the reactions. It seems, according to this video, that some feds realized very quickly the potential for massive oil spilling. Did you know there are Orcas in the Gulf?

Pursuing Holiness on the reasonable costs of drilling for oil. Thoughtful. Meanwhile BP says “we’ll cover costs, but it’s not our fault”

Hey, praying in school is okay in Nashville, now! For some. Some are privileged.

Just as some, like the Dalai Lama, are privileged to observe religious customs without being called men in dresses, or have their believes denigrated, because of political correctness. I wonder if Mo Dowd will be writing any time soon about the need for a Dalai Lama-ess? Would she or the rest dare to tell Archbishop Hilarion that he needs to change his thinking on abortion and ordain some women, stat, or risk public scorn?

But, then, “sexual egalitarianism” is here to stay.

The ability of laugh at oneself is the sign of a secure ego.

Obama, not so much

Fresh questions: about the constitutionality of Obamacare

So, who told GM to lie about its Tarp Repayment?

Vitamins and internet controls, just what the FTC should be controlling?

Reason: is the Greek Bailout already making things worse?

Have we ever seen this in history, a nation being “bailed out” of its self-weakening? Historically, I suppose such a nation would be at risk of invasion or conquest by a stronger nation. But we live in kinder and more enlightened times. And that’s good, because no one likes to see war, or the conquest of another country (unless, it seems, that country is Israel, of which both “meddling” and conquest seem to be approved). I suspect that -barring some kind of multi-national legislative “take-over” no one has an actual “solution” to Greece’s problem, which is the same problem that is going to occur in other countries, soon. So…I guess we just keep shoveling money into economic abysses and hope they will magically become prosperous mountains.

Prosperous until the president decides that you’ve made enough money. Time to dust this one off:

I mind people who are bouncing on fluffy pillows of honest-to-goodness wealth shaking a rhetorical finger at us for daring to try to get comfortable on our foam rubber mats of hard-earned wages.

If I lived in California I’d vote for him. What the Democrat party needs is a few Democrat voices willing to actually critique the party and work to change it, instead of just marching in lockstep. This characteristic does exist in the GOP, to some extent. Not that the GOP is much better than the Dems, but it seems to me it does manage to endure a bit of insider-criticism.

Philly: Did local gov’t pressure a teen to get an abortion?

The City of NY: should end mandatory celibacy and let its workers marry.

Arizona: George Will talks about the immigration laws.

Meanwhile, it seems that perhaps that carbomb in Times Square was meant for Viacom, afterall.

Blame Nagin? Blame Blanco. Blame ‘em both. Blame everybody. But in the right order: local, state, fed.

Facebook Privacy: Glad I never signed on.

Michael Totten talks about Proxy wars and Spengler is writes on what he is calling General Petraeus’ Thirty Years War. Hmmmm….

and Catholic Jews. Looks interesting. So does this book. And this one, too.

Instapundit: what you may have missed this weekend.

Elizabeth Fox-Genovese: on The Way of Conversion

In Praise of: English Curmudgeons!

The Pill and Women: Shortchanging us in so many ways.

Lynn Redgrave is dead. RIP. I liked her.

Peace. It’s wonderful.

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