Joshua fought the battle…

How incredibly great is this?

Via Msgr. Charles Pope, who was writing on Creative Genius and Music as Onomatopoeia. There are some great videos in the comments section, too.

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  • F

    That was kick*ss!

    We used that song for a Jericho March around a Planned Barrenhood abortuary last Spring in our 40 Days for Life closer. It was powerful!!! We would like to see those particular walls come down and soon.

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  • Peregrine John

    I’ve done… well, I have no idea how many Moses Hogan pieces. Loved every one of them. One of my great regrets was that he went to do more heavenly arrangements before I had a chance to meet him. Now I’ll have to wait until I’m with that choir.

  • Mimsy

    Absolutely glorious! On my screen, I could see and hear the choir and smile back at your sweet photo at the same time. Thanks for everything here.

  • Manny

    Wonderful!! Bravo!!!!

    Thanks for posting.

  • suzyq

    How excellent!!
    (Such a small audience?)

  • waltj

    I have to admit, gospel has never been my thing. Mention “Joshua”, and I would have automatically thought of the Handel oratorio. But now…I’m not so sure. That was really, really good.

    I read where Moses Hogan was only 45 when he died. Much too young, but with compositions like this, we’re richer for him having lived.

  • cathyf

    My chorus director sang for Hogan once — his death was an enormous loss to music and musicians!

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