Urgent Prayer Request – UPDATED

From an Anchoress reader out there, among you, a prayer request for Mercy:

“Please pray for my sister’s newborn baby girl. I’m 5000 miles from my family so my details are sparse but the baby was born today full term but with breathing problems. My sister already lost my niece’s twin in utero due to swine flu so I’m really praying for her that this baby is okay.

Her name is Mercy.”

Please pray – storm heaven for Mercy and for her parents and family.

Lord, the one you love is sick.
Divine Physician, God most merciful, Christ, lover of mercy, you do as you will, and we abide in awestruck wonder. Hear our prayer as we plead for Mercy. As you submitted to the pleas of Israelites who asked for a King when you were offering them something greater, please submit to our prayers on behalf of your loved one, Mercy. May your healing come upon this child and your strength upon this family. And may we equally submit to your perfect knowledge, in grace and peace. Amen.

Mercy’s aunt writes that she is doing better and is being slowly weaned of breathing assistance. Everyone is feeling more hopeful, and your prayers are credited with making a difference.

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