Urgent Prayer Request – UPDATED

From an Anchoress reader out there, among you, a prayer request for Mercy:

“Please pray for my sister’s newborn baby girl. I’m 5000 miles from my family so my details are sparse but the baby was born today full term but with breathing problems. My sister already lost my niece’s twin in utero due to swine flu so I’m really praying for her that this baby is okay.

Her name is Mercy.”

Please pray – storm heaven for Mercy and for her parents and family.

Lord, the one you love is sick.
Divine Physician, God most merciful, Christ, lover of mercy, you do as you will, and we abide in awestruck wonder. Hear our prayer as we plead for Mercy. As you submitted to the pleas of Israelites who asked for a King when you were offering them something greater, please submit to our prayers on behalf of your loved one, Mercy. May your healing come upon this child and your strength upon this family. And may we equally submit to your perfect knowledge, in grace and peace. Amen.

Mercy’s aunt writes that she is doing better and is being slowly weaned of breathing assistance. Everyone is feeling more hopeful, and your prayers are credited with making a difference.

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  • http://www.avoiceintothevoid.wordpress.com Susan

    Prayers coming…

  • Denise

    Praying for Mercy. . . mercy for Mercy.

  • Cherie

    prayer sent…will continue to pray for Mercy

  • Sharon

    That is a beautiful prayer. It is my privilege to include Mercy and her family in my prayers as well.

  • Aimee

    Praying for Mercy and her family.

  • Piano Girl88

    Praying for Mercy and her family. Also, please pray for Gus, the 16 year old grandson of my friend Kevin. His EKG was normal, but blood work & x-ray results are not back. He went to the ER this evening with chest pains, erratic heartbeat and a purple arm.

  • Mimsy

    Blessed are the merciful, for mercy shall be theirs.
    Prayers for little Mercy. Prayers for Kevin’s grandson.

  • sharon

    What a beautiful prayer and what a precious name. Mercy is in my prayers.

    God bless.

  • Tempus_Fugit


    I posted something heartfelt, personal and difficult to admit here the other day. It was deleted.

    I won’t be back.

    I wish you well regardless.

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  • http://www.savkobabe.blogspot.com Gayle Miller

    I’ve copied the prayer onto a separate sheet of paper, printed it out and taped it next to my computer screen. That way, when I’m needing to cuss out my boss and his endless edits on a SCOTUS brief, I can look at the prayer and (i) pray for little Mercy and (ii) count my blessings! It’s all good.

  • Barbara Gold

    more prayers here and will lift her up some more

  • Sue from Buffalo

    Prayers going up.

  • Mary

    Praying for Mercy.

    Please pray for some people in an economically parlous situation.

  • dave roth


  • Susan T.W.

    Just prayed for Mercy and another who is suffering, Linda.

  • Alice

    Have been praying for baby Mercy.

  • Denise

    Prayers going up.

  • cathyf

    I just learned that a former co-worker lost one of his twin babies last month. At term, with an uneventful pregnancy (well, as uneventful as twins ever are) their little boy got the cord wrapped around his neck and did not survive. To face such enormous aching loss at the exact moment that the twin sister needs their complete attention is more than I can imagine. Please pray for the parents — their names are Mike and Andi.