Sarah Palin is Alive! – UPDATED

Longtime readers know that, while there is much that I admire about Sarah Palin, I am still on the fence about any notion that she should run for president.

My reservations stem in part from some of Palin’s own moves, but it may be her base that really sours me on her; not even mild and constructive criticism, rendered with a dollop of sympathy can be endured by some members of Palin’s over-protective base.

I understand why they are overprotective; no politician in my memory has ever been subjected to the inarguable savaging that Palin endured after her remarkably effective speech at the ’08 GOP convention. As Camille Paglia rightly noted at the time, Palin’s natural abilities were so obvious, and so terrifying to the left, that their phasers were instantly set to “obliterate.” The left still can’t believe she has not been dissolved.

But Palin’s base needs to calm down a little, and realize that when they act like the rightwing version of gaga-eyed Obamabots, they’re not helping their candidate. There is no such thing as a “perfect” person, certainly no such thing as a “perfect” politician, and when I hear someone refer to Palin as “my Sarah,” or I get an email from someone for daring to criticize “our Sarah,” I frankly want to puke. Such emails do not convince me to “love” Sarah Palin, they actually make me distrust her political viability all the more, because I distrust emotionalism in politics.

Having said all of that, it needs to be pointed out once again that Sarah Palin on a stage–straight up and unfiltered–is One. Powerful. Presence.

She may drop her g’s and she may get a little guttural when she is enthusiastic, and yeah, she may even get a little shrill, here and there, but listen to this audio, and that staccato delivery; you cannot ignore the fact that Palin is a feisty roman candle of a woman; in a world full of dead things* flowing with the stream Sarah Palin is alive! She is wide-awake with that peculiar American Genius that has nothing to do with SAT scores and Ivy Leagues. And she dares others to swim against the stream of kneejerk, unilateral moves from the establishment.

Listen to this audio; she crackles with life.

More importantly, Palin is right. Some ideological automaton with a bit of authority has decided to politicize a damn high school b-ball tournament, and keep athletes from competing, because they don’t like another state’s (it must be said) overwhelmingly popular legislation? A stupid and unnecessary move by the school district that makes one wonder about their priorities. Politics has no place on the basketball court or in the baseball diamond.

Also, considering the way China is treating its children, the school would rather send its students there, than Arizona?

Compare the crackle and the passion of Sarah Palin to this audio by the media-crowned “greatest political talent” of our time, who is also purported to be an astounding orator:


Palin is on fire, here, completely engaged;
Obama is a slightly bored bureaucrat wondering when he can go eat his salad.

There is another difference, of course. Palin actually means every word she has spoken. In the case of Obama, we learn that–once again, as before–whatever he says becomes subject to a later evaluation of the actual meaning of the words that came out of his mouth. In this case, “a firm pledge” actually begins to mean “a vague preference.”

`I don’t know what you mean by “glory”,’ Alice said.

Humpty Dumpty smiled contemptuously. `Of course you don’t — till I tell you. I meant “there’s a nice knock-down argument for you!”‘

`But “glory” doesn’t mean “a nice knock-down argument”,’ Alice objected.

`When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, `it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’

`The question is,’ said Alice, `whether you can make words mean so many different things.’

`The question is,’ said Humpty Dumpty, `which is to be master — that’s all.’

Then again, Humpty Dumpty was never really alive.

*A dead thing can go with the stream, but only a living thing can go against it.
— G.K. Chesterton

Over at Hot Air, Allahpundit looks at the polls and shakes his head.

Also, the guys at Hillbuzz
get loud.

I know the narrative is that Republicans are stoopit, but they do pretty well without a teleprompter!. NJ Governor Chris Christie is also wide-awake:

Gov Christie calls S-L columnist thin-skinned for inquiring about his 'confrontational tone'

He’s gloriously NY/NJ in attitude and he’s got school vouchers going on, too

When was Obama’s last press conference, again? Was it that one where he had a teleprompter handy?

Where’s the Left’s Palin
Family Guy & Palin
Yep, She’s a Natural!
Palin and the Press
Palin on Oprah
Palin’s Independence Day

About Elizabeth Scalia
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  • Kurt

    Personally, I think Palin should spend a few more years of being a lightening rod in the wilderness (how’s that for an odd mixed metaphor?) before she runs for another office. Though she can be good on substance, she’s still thought of more by the public at large as a generator of soundbites than anything else. I’m not sure how she should go about it, but she needs to become enough of a regular presence on the national scene that she works around that image or else she’ll continually be marginalized by a large portion of the population–not just those on the left, but those who were all too willing to buy into the Tina Fey caricature.

  • DeLynn

    Excellent post. I have never understood why people consider Obama such a great orator—even if I try my best to be objective, I can’t tolerate listening to him speak. I felt that way before he was president, and now that he is a worse president than I thought he would be (and I didn’t have high expectations), my opinion hasn’t changed.

    I agree with Sarah Palin on most issues, I think, but am not ready to endorse her for president. That being said, I am thrilled she is out there and hasn’t been beaten down by the horrid things that have been said about her and her family.

    Great post, Anchoress.

  • Alice

    I am have a bit of mild Palin fatigue, so I had not actually listened to her in several months — but I listened to that audio, and as usual, she made me smile just hearing her.

    Yes, she crackles! and no, I don’t know about her and the presidency either — even though I have much more serious reservations about our current president than I do her.

  • tim maguire

    it may be her base that really sours me on her

    I had to laugh when I read that because I am kind of the opposite–it is her enemies that really thrill me about her.

    As an orator, Palin actually is what Obama’s followers can only claim he is. I think she has great instincts and I like her no nonsense attitude towards governance (did she really sell the governor’s private plane on Ebay? Whether she did or not, I love that she would think that’s a good idea. It’s a great idea!)

    But I haven’t a clue whether she really has a governing philosophy or just a grab bag of issue positions, most of which I seem to support. So I don’t know if I want her to remain a gadfly or give elective office another go.

    But how can you not love someone hated by the people who hate her?

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  • SCSoxFan

    I admit to being a Palinista, although I like to think I am a realistic one, and I have had a few back-and-forths with Ms. Scalia over her.

    I understand her reaction to the most hardcore of her fans, and appreciate her acknowledgement of why that reaction occurs. It goes a bit beyond media treatment, though, to encompass what we think are cheap shots from conservative elitists as well. My personal opinion is that many Palinistas see themselves in her and take criticism of her speech, education, etc., as criticisms of us as well. As in we are good enough to support the party but don’t even THINK that we might be capable of actually leading anything.

    Ms. Scalia has been critical of what she sees as a lack of progress Palin has made in addressing what she (Ms. Scalia) sees as her weaknesses. My personal opinion is threefold — first, Palin truly hasn’t decided yet whether she will run for President, although I do think she’d like to.

    Second, I think Palin recognizes that, before she can run, she has to secure her family’s financial future and she has a small window of time to do that.

    Finally, I think she really is focusing on 2010 and getting more conservative Republicans in office, especially in retaking the House, in order to blunt Obama’s destructive agenda.

    The post from Hillbuzz that Ms. Scalia links to predicts an announcement of a run in February 2011, on the 100th anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s birth. While the timing is appealing, I can’t see any way she does this that early. I think she concentrates on the 2010 elections and then spends most of 2011 addressing her personal standing with the public at large. I would be very surprised to see any kind of an announcement from her prior to October 2011.

  • Brenda

    I’ve come to the realization lately that may be a bit off topic but relates to the situation of the basketball team.

    Our government has become like the dementors of the Harry Potter series of books; black-robed wraiths that drift in and out of the populace sucking all the happiness and hope from their lives.

    Each time Americans attempt to do something fun and optimistic, they swoop in and under the guise of ‘politics’ suck all the fun out of our endeavors.

    In the Harry Potter books, chocolate was a great antidote for the dementors gaze. I think I’ll go whip up a bit of the chocolate-chip-cookie antidote now. I will look upon them for what they really are-then offer them a cookie.

  • SCSoxFan

    To Tim: Palin did actually list the Governor’s aircraft on eBay. But, they did not get what they listed as the minimum acceptable bid, so they ended up delisting it there and using a regular auction house to sell it.

  • Rand Careaga

    Sarah Palin is indeed alive, and I predict that she’ll seek the nomination two years from now. I hope that she gets it, because from my standpoint, as one generally pleased with the Obama administration thus far, I think she will carry the uncouth thing that has devoured the innards of the GOP and now shambles around in its vestments into the crater with her. If on the other hand she prevails in the contest, why then, I conclude that a country that votes for it richly deserves a Palin presidency. Bring on the Rapture, ye Teeming Millions!

  • Greta

    We could not have a worse president than the zero we now have. In some ways he is far worse than a zero like Carter. He hates America and is doing everything he can to destroy the country as it is in his radically racial mindset. We have a mess in domestic policy, huge unemployment that they are now trying to sell as permanent for some reason, a foreign policy that makes no sense and has encouraged those who wish the USA evil, and has divided an already divided country even more.
    Our only hope is that we get enough democrats out of power in November to shut this guy down until he can be removed. As to Palin, I see here popularity growing as the left continue to attack her in mindless ways. Notice they never attack her core positions because they know that they are popular with over 60% of the people. Love the Christie video as it shows what should be stated by anyone only now worried about “the tone” after what the media and left did to Bush for eight years. Obama makes Bush look like Washington and Lincoln rolled into one.

  • dlbvet

    One thing that came to mind when reading a piece in the Chicago Sun-Times about Palin’s speech there today…
    wasn’t Mrs. Palin’s first paid speaking appearance in China?

    And didn’t she say today…
    “do you know how they treat girls there?”
    (Or something very close to that, right?)

    How is it OK for her to go to China and reap, probably, a humongous fee and then ridicule someone else for going to China as well?

    Just curious.

  • Jeanette

    Sarah Palin is a good speaker because she seems to be genuine—something we rarely see in public figures.

    I do think that because she resigned the governorship of Alaska she would have a difficult time getting elected to anything else.

    She’s a good cheerleader for the party and seems to be helping out a lot in that role.

    Christie, on the other hand, is not concerned about being re-elected, but is more concerned with getting his state’s problems worked out.

    If he loses some weight and carries the same message I can see him going higher in politics if he wishes. And if he doesn’t lose weight he’s still good, but people tend to look at things as silly as that.

    Obama, on the other hand, is just lost. An empty suit. Won’t hold a press conference, has his Supreme Court nominee “interviewed” by one of his staff and is an incompetent boob in a contest with Jimmy Carter to see which one is the worst president in my lifetime. I think Obama is winning that contest as he seems to be hell-bent on destroying this nation in record-breaking time.

    I can’t wait for November when I hope we elect a Republican Congress to put the brakes on this man.

  • narciso

    That may be true, Anchoress, but so many cheap and often uninformed attacks, have been launched against her, regretably even from John Mark Roberts, in this publication, that one can’t
    help from being a little defensive. The thing is, I
    really don’t see a policy opposition to her candidacy, specially at this time, it is that conviction, that faith, family, prosperity, and
    the American military prevail that anchors our
    sentiments, If I am to speak as proxy. Everyone else seems very remote, and speaking
    from Florida, with some exceptions, not very

  • Brian

    Aren’t there legitimate questions to ask about Sarah Palin? I’m referring to, say, questions about her competence as an administrator or questions about the way she promotes herself in public.

  • narciso

    Yes, and one could ask them, about the effectiveness of the AGIA law for instance, but rarely is that an are of inquiry. Her record of stabilizing the state finances, forcing out public corruption, are rarely touched on. Many of the
    groundless ethics complaints, have been assumed
    to be true, despite her defeating of them at great expense

  • expat

    I would almost hate to see Palin reined in by presidential protocol. Her common sense straight talk may inspire candidates and officials to go beyond Beltway Polspeak. She may do more to bring about bottom-up change by getting people involved at the local level. She may be the final nail in the coffin of PC.

    We shouldn’t see her as our saviour, but as a gift. Let’s appreciate what she has done for us and see what the future brings.

  • Doc

    Wow is Gov. Christie impressive. That response to a corporate media representative should be played as a training video for Republican candidates. It should be played alongside a White House love-fest, excuse me, press conference, where these media guys all but go full Lewinski over Obama. The contrast between press treatment of Republicans and Democrats needs to be tossed back at them until they change or get replaced by someone who understands the role of a free press.

  • Charles

    I agree with SCSoxFan:

    ” . . . many Palinistas see themselves in her and take criticism of her speech, education, etc., as criticisms of us as well.”

    Her comment “go rogue, girls” is classic Palin. Love it!

  • AvantiBev

    District Superintendent George Fornero is allowing Sue Hebson to be out front on this but he has some pretty interesting things in his background. Google search on his name and read up on his background.

    Here is one link from the Illinois Family Institute but there is lots in his background to suggest that he one of the true believers of the Left in its quest for borders, language and culture of this country to be torn down.


  • Judith L

    Governor Christie has arrived! New Yorker, Elizabeth Scalia, refers to his NY/NJ attitude. What greater stamp of approval could a New Yorker give a man from New Jersey?

    I do think that the longer Governor Christie stays and fights, the greater the contrast will be with Governor Palin, who resigned. And, peace, I had all the understanding in the world of why Governor Palin resigned.

  • Manny

    Completely agree with Jeanette that Obama is an empty suit. I don’t think he has the goods. I do think he will be a one termer.

    Christie is awesome. He has way exceeded my expectations. I wish he could come here to New York.

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  • Don B


    Sarah spoke in Hong Kong to a group of private asian investors. She was very critical of the Chinese and their human rights policies.

    If you wish, you can find the text of her speech on her facebook page.

  • Sherry

    I love Sarah Palin for her consistent courage though sometimes I wish she would be more prudent but that’s me wanting her to be something other than what she is, a perfect politico. We have that, and it is a daily barrage against truth, light and transparency as a result.

    She would not be the source of light that batters those who oppose her so if she were more cautious. I don’t always appreciate her decisions but I am sympathetic to her in part because of how villified she has been, and because I do know, she is an advocate for children like her son Trig, and my son Paul.

    Having never heard Christie speak before, only having heard of him and his policies, I must say, I am now a big fan of and I never thought I’d say this, New Jersey.

  • Sherry

    Clarification: wanting her to be a perfect politico, which she is not. (Sorry, wrote fast and didn’t catch that edit).

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  • Cat

    It’s childish to sour on a candidate because of his supporters. Isn’t that a position based on subjective feelings?

    Physician, heal thyself.

  • Cat

    Oh, and when we Palinistas refer to Sarah as “our Sarah”, we say it because we consider her to be one of us. One of the little guys as opposed to the political elite. That’s a rare thing.

    It’s apparent that people who turn their noses at that consider themselves above the hoi polloi. Snobs.

  • Cat

    Oh and you’ve given those people who left the Catholic church a good reason for leaving: they can’t stand some of the members within said Church.

    [Why what a vicious and immature little thing you are. You make my point for me, very, very well, comment after comment. You leave all these little drops of spite and malice here, because of an article in which I actually praise Palin, but dare to utter mild criticism. Your passion is off-putting, not persuasive. You do not help your paragon when you act like this. You have named yourself well. -admin]

  • Rand Careaga

    The cat is spraying. I seem to recall reading that there’s a simple surgical procedure that will address this.

  • Cat

    Lol, only for male cats, Rand.

    I made a very good point. Saying that one hesitates to support a candidate because of his or her supporters is akin to saying one hesitates to join the Church because of its members.

    Hypocritical, if you asked me.

  • Cat

    Notice the “vitriol” of Ms. Scalia?

    She resorts to name calling, “vicious”, “immature”, etc. Our saintly writer here can’t stand to be called out on her own hypocrisy so she has to stoop to the very level she pretends to disdain.

    Go ahead and ban me now. I’ve done my job, which was pointing out the hypocrisy of her position.

    [No, you're not banned. I'm going to let you expose yourself as much as you need to. I am fascinated. You say you "Palinistas" identify yourselves with Palin, and that is why you can apparently brook not even the mildest of criticisms either of Ms. Palin or, it seems, your own behaviors. There are quite a few people who dislike the Catholic church, or even leave it, because of the behavior of those within it, and that is the shame of those within the church whose behavior is so unedifying as to drive people away. Likewise. - admin]

  • Sally June

    Rand: The Anchoress has taken care of that for us.

  • Mary

    I love the Christie video!! It’s so refreshing to see a politician speak from the heart for a change.(Chicago’s Mayor Daley goes off script regularly, but with often tragic results.) I could watch this video all day! Love it!

  • Brigid Elson

    Nixon, Carter, Clinton. Eisenhower: all these were qualified, in my opinion, just my opinion, to be President, each for a different reason. Palin is neither a deep student of global politics (e.g.,Nixon), nor is she fairly bright and well educated (e.g. Carter, Clinton), nor is she a great commander of men who has stepped forward at a crucial time in history (Eisenhower). Whatever you think of those four men’s policies, they were qualified. Palin has charisma and that is all.

  • Greta

    Cat, not sure where you see an issue with what Anchoress has posted. She is pro Palin but still has reservations on Sarah as a president. I think that is more than fair.

    I think the post above showing Palin speech today to Susan Anthony group is again positive.

    I also love Palin comment on the mom grizzlies in her speech. I am seeing that all over with women who for years stayed silent when the more vocal pro choice or left leaning women ran their mouths at various gatherings speaking out boldly. They see what the democrats led by the empty suit zero are doing to our country and saying no more because you are destroying our country for our children and grandchildren.

    It gave me thought to start a group of grandma’s who will call ourselves the Palin Grizzlies. I have already sent out emails to my 200 plus grandma group and will set up a meeting at my home. Sarah is right, you do not want to provoke women where they percieve you are damaging their young.

  • Greta

    Brigid, you name Nixon, Carter, Clinton. Eisenhower. I find it interesting you do not name Reagan who many now see as one of the top presidents in our history. Carter was one of the worst and Nixon no mater what he did on the positive side was bad because of character. the same applies to Clinton. If clinton had the press against him as much as Nixon, he would have had to resign as well. I kind of think W. Bush will go up over time as well unless those who write history believe the empty suit saying Bush is responsible for everything bad that happens in his tenure in office. I think it will take a long time to fix the mess Barry has given us in a single year.

  • Lee

    To dlbvet
    She gave her first international speech in Hong Kong for CLSA Asia Pacific Markets Conference on 23 Sept 2009. HK was a British Colony until 1997 when it was formally return to China.
    It is important to make a distinction between Hong Kong and Mainland China.

  • Allen

    Brigid Elson
    May 14th, 2010 | 10:16 pm | #38
    Nixon, Carter, Clinton. Eisenhower: all these were qualified, in my opinion, just my opinion, to be President, each for a different reason. Palin is neither a deep student of global politics (e.g.,Nixon), nor is she fairly bright and well educated (e.g. Carter, Clinton), nor is she a great commander of men who has stepped forward at a crucial time in history (Eisenhower). Whatever you think of those four men’s policies, they were qualified. Palin has charisma and that is all.

    Something to be said for spending time as an outsider where you get to mull over policies and ideas without being live in implementation. Reagan used his time as a GE spokesman to learn what he believed and that was the groundwork to be a succesful governor then president. I suspect that what Palin is doing will help her in the long run. She’s getting a chance to go out, speak on policies, test ideas and make connections. Speaking like that with her fairly blunt language is a good way to learn things, what she says will be talked about and she’ll have to be able to back it up.

    Having said that, I wouldn’t want her to go for the Presidency in 2012, unless the Repub primary is a who’s who of lousy candidates. I’d rather she go for congress or VP.

  • checktothepower

    It’s early folks and Sarah’s is not running for anything.Let Sarah be Sarah and let’s see what happens. She’s still standing and that’s saying a lot.
    As far as the Poll’s,I think she is exactly where she needs to be at this point. Thanks

  • Bender

    Anyone still here??

    Here’s an interesting observation — “the NRA members did not greet, listen, and applaud her as a potential president; her connection with the crowd was on a much more personal level, almost as if listening to an intimate friend. Palin herself has lost any semblance of speaking like a politician; there’s no jargon, no strategic ambiguity or opaque wording; she’s moved from dropping her ‘g’s to punctuating each point with a sarcastic jab at her image in the eyes of her critics — ‘Oh, but I’m the idiot.’”

    Sounds like Palin isn’t running for anything except being Sarah Palin. She is going to simply get up there and call ‘em as she sees ‘em.