Credit where it's due

I can’t embed the video, but credit where it’s due, I give Nancy Pelosi props for hanging in there, allowing people to have their say, and not running away.

When I see a politician do that, I am appreciative. I liked it when Bush did it, and I like it now. The free expression of political opinion and disagreement is so fundamental to America, that I will always appreciate a politician who manages to hang in there, although they ought never put themselves in danger.

Pelosi rightly judged, here, that she was safe enough, and would simply have to bear it. Protesters should realize, though, that when everyone is yelling, no one’s point is being made.

From another angle, also note Pelosi was speaking without teleprompter.

Her policies are problematic, but she is a tiny two-fister of a politician.

Also working sans prompter, is NJ Gov. Chris Christie, who never seems to miss a beat:

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