Credit where it's due

I can’t embed the video, but credit where it’s due, I give Nancy Pelosi props for hanging in there, allowing people to have their say, and not running away.

When I see a politician do that, I am appreciative. I liked it when Bush did it, and I like it now. The free expression of political opinion and disagreement is so fundamental to America, that I will always appreciate a politician who manages to hang in there, although they ought never put themselves in danger.

Pelosi rightly judged, here, that she was safe enough, and would simply have to bear it. Protesters should realize, though, that when everyone is yelling, no one’s point is being made.

From another angle, also note Pelosi was speaking without teleprompter.

Her policies are problematic, but she is a tiny two-fister of a politician.

Also working sans prompter, is NJ Gov. Chris Christie, who never seems to miss a beat:

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  • dry valleys

    Perhaps she had just drunk an especially nice bottle of her wine? :)

  • Bob Devine

    Boy O boy could we ever use a truckload of politicians like him where I live!!!

  • Kurt

    Bob Devine wrote: “Boy O boy could we ever use a truckload of politicians like him where I live!!!” To which I would respond: You live in the U.S., right Bob? Yes, we could. Of course some states need more of them than others.

  • Beth

    I might have to disagree with you this time, dear Anchoress (a very rare occurrence). I think that Pelosi wanted those voices to be heard because they reflect her own views – views she wants to put into action but can’t as yet. I think that her heart is bleeding for them. The fact that she was kind makes her seem open-minded and brave – and lets a little of the steam out and gives them a platform. She took real pains to be sure that we all heard them.

    Can you imagine her making way for a conservative viewpoint?

  • Lucia

    Thank you for posting the Gov. Christie clips. He is my new hero, and gives me hope for true leadership and transparency in politics. If he can effect any significant change in New Jersey, sign me up for his presidential campaign! I wish we had him here in CA.

  • Feeney

    Every time I hear the guy . . . . Wow! Wow!

  • Ruth H

    I agree with you, Anchoress. I was glad she stood firm. Unfortunately she also stands firm on a lot of issues I totally disagree with!

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  • Greta

    Pelosi can speak without a teleprompter better than Barry. He is embarrassing to watch when he has to speak on his own. Pelosi of course is tied tightly to Barry in way out leftist positions and neither seem to upset if they drive the USA off the edge of the cliff. Neither has a clue to what creates quality jobs as they actually believe that government jobs have value and produce something. I have yet to see a single government program that is effective, does not increase in costs and size over time, and serves its purpose cost effectively and with any degree of consumer friendly attitude one should expect from ones “servants”.

  • saveliberty

    I loved the video of Governor Christie. You are right that he never seems to miss a beat.

    Respectfully, I disagree with the point you made about the virtue of Nancy Pelosi in continuing her speech. She persevered as she appeared to believe that by speaking, she would get more of her audience to conform to her will than not. The other consideration is that this is simply politics; you don’t let the camera see you get defeated by hecklers.

    It wasn’t that long ago that she was “instructing” bishops to lecture parishioners about the virtues of supporting Nancy Pelosi’s immigration policies.

    She also went to the Vatican for a photo op so that she could claim that she “instructed” Pope Benedict XVI, but instead was met with someone who was firm in correcting her misunderstanding of Catholic faith. And who also prevented her photo op, which was encouraging.

    She’s not the only politician on the left who believes that by saying something, others will obey.

    James Madison made the point that someone who does not respect your property also does not respect your ideas.

  • Jeff

    Interesting quote from Madison and definitely applies to Obama. At the risk of repeating myself, we learned all we needed to know about him when he was interviewed by Charles Gibson and George Stephanopoulous before the 2008 election. Obama was droning on and on about the need to raise tax revenue and increase taxes on the “wealthy,” and Gibson and Stephanopolous (hardly bastions of conservative thought) confronted him with the indisputable fact that raising tax rates always results in a reduction in revenue to the Treasury. (Why? Because it slows economic activity, people with money withdraw from the marketplace to avoid paying more in taxes, or they refrain from selling stocks to avoid a higher capital gains rate).

    Obama got a deer in the headlights look, and literally replied that he didn’t care. It was a “fairness” issue. So we have as a president someone who is so ideological that he will run the economy into the ground, and decrease tax income to the Treasury, all in the name of “fairness.” Draw your own conclusions.

  • Mary

    I cannot get enough of these Governor Christie videos! It’s rare to find anyone–in politics or elsewhere, I’m afraid–who speaks their mind so honestly. Bravo!

  • bt

    “If judges want to legislate, they should run for the legislature.”

    Well said Governor Christie

  • John

    I agree with Beth’s point above — when Bush was, and when Christie is heckled, it comes from the left, and people diametrically opposed to their policies. Pelosi’s hecklers also were from the left, but they’re not diametrically opposed to what she wants to do; they’re only mad because they expected Nancy, Harry and Obama to run roughshod over all opposition and implement the left’s cherished ideas pretty much by fiat last year.

    So it’s not like Bush or Christie telling protesters they’re wrong, it’s more like Nancy telling her protesters she’s working as fast as she can, but they just have to be patient (though I will give her props for having more patience with her party’s immediate gratification left than Rahm “effing retards” Emanuel did earlier this year).

  • brooklyn

    The only thing is, with Democrats the situation is almost always manufactured. They often design these ‘protests’ and heckles for their own needs – to appear strong, or the victim, etc.

    Just like those fake “go back to the kitchen” sign holders when Hillary flopped after Iowa. It was all a Theater to make some feel for the disastrous Sniper Dodger.

    Nancy Pelosi probably knew full well who and what that protest was about, and even endorsed their presence – that is why she did not run away, or offer insulting commentary as she usually does when challenged.

    She was probably a little surprised at the level of intensity. But the GUARDS expression almost revealed the ‘act’ – for it looks too scripted for my own cynical sense.

    Sure, I sound conspiratorial, but I know the modern Pelosi-Obama-Clinton Democrat Party very well.

    Never trust a scene as it is provided, always involve a mode of skepticism when it involves modern day Politicians.

    Thank you.