The View Before My Eyes

Last minute plans for a getaway, in the general vicinity of Colonial Williamsburg. We are fortunate that my husband had lots of travel points; needed the break.

A fine pub, indeed! Took that picture with my phone. Came out well, didn’t it?

Happy Catholic has a really GREAT picture though

Blogging will be sporadic!

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  • Fr John Mack

    Anchoress, indeed. Thy name is truly “Temptress”
    Great picture, too good, in fact!

  • Mutnodjmet

    I’d be jealous, but I will be drinking wine at an Italian villa outside Florence this Saturday! :)

    Have a big sip for me!

  • Veronica

    Now post a photo of you with all that guinness foam on your upper lip! Slainte!

  • Kim Priestap

    Great shot! And the drink looks good, too. I’m enjoying a Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA myself.

  • NanB

    That looks so good and refreshing!

  • Francis Banecker

    Ya gotta love a woman who loves a Guinness!

  • DeLynn

    So glad for you two to have a getaway! Great picture. :) Enjoy yourselves!

  • Lori

    “Blogging will be sporadic” … and, I hope, stout-soaked! So are you a happy drinker, Anchoress, or do you get belligerent? Either way, I’m hoping for lots of posts! ;) Raise one for us…

  • Manny

    Picture looks great! I bet it tasted even better. Enjoy your time away. And The Brothers Karamazov. Nothing like a quiet get-away, a good book, and nice food and beverage. :)

  • AMDG

    That looks so inviting… I want to get back to Ireland! Enjoy your holiday!

  • dry valleys

    Have a good whisky- look for a proper one. I like the Scotch ones like the Talisker & Balvenie personally. People who say “I don’t like whisky” have generally drunk that blended stuff, which I used to drink before I realised how nasty it actually is after having too many of them on a few occasions :)

    Of course I can only afford that sort of thing every now & then so my average night consists of a Zubrowka (an especially good Polish vodka) & apple juice. Or a “cocktail” they do in the club I frequent which is lethally strong & tastes, while not actually pleasant, just about good enough to be endured in the name of getting leathered :)

    Saying that, I am not drinking at all this weekend as I am cycling. Among other things it costs less! So despite being a heathen I will be sober.

  • Last Sphere

    “We should thank God for beer and burgundy by not drinking too much of them.”

    - G.K.Chesterton

  • Rick

    My neighborhood!

    But we’re celebrating our 29th anniversary this weekend and escaping on our own getaway to the Outer Banks.

    Too bad, would’ve been neat to have a brief get together.

  • Gayle Miller

    Me, Buddy and Rusty live just up I-95 in Fredericksburg. Stop on by!

    Seriously. The house isn’t immaculate (two cats – hello!) but the food is good and the welcome would be warm.

    Glad you’re on a getaways with your dear husband. Good for both of you and now, with the boys grown, it’s really only the two of you from now on.

  • Gayle Miller

    Beer is God’s way of showing that he loves us and wants us to be happy.

    Benjamin Franklin

  • Trish

    As a former college denizen of Williamsburg, may I make a few recommendations of places to enjoy good food?

    The Cheese Shop – a sandwich on thick slices of French bread, whatever deli meat and cheese you like (tho’ I’m partial to roast beef and Muenster) and you MUST get the house dressing. The recipe is a secret and it is so good one might wish it were a beverage.

    Barretts – Excellent seafood

    The College Deli – more sandwichy goodness – this was the first place I encountered a toasted sub – they are fantastic and go down well with a pitcher of beer

    Mamma Steves – removed by about a mile or so from the heart of colonial W’burg, they have the most amazing blueberry pancakes ever!

    I’m making myself hungry!

  • Judith L

    Have a great getaway! You’ve more than earned it.

  • AvantiBev

    I’m not jealous. First off, nothing Celtic in the way of drink or food for me; I prefer my food, my drink and my men to be Italian.

    Secondly, we’re drinking from the Stanley Cup here in Chi Town. Have to go comb the confetti from my hair!

  • Alexandrag

    Have a lovely vacation. Enjoy adult beverages and relaxation.

  • Andrew B

    Ah, Williamsburg! One of my favorite places on Earth. I spent many a hot, sultry summer evening in the garden behind the King’s Arms Tavern, drinking Punch Royale and generally feeling well toward all Mankind.

    I am on vacation this week as well, but not enjoying much relaxation. My wife, being a wise and thrifty soul, decided we should take a week and paint the house. Ah well, hands to work and hearts to God, as they say.

    Enjoy your time away.

  • Jeff

    That looks nice and cold. Good shot.

  • Dad of Six

    Life doesn’t get much better than a cold Guinness. Besides, it’s good for you!

  • Hantchu

    Great photo, Anchoress! And a lovely collection of thoughts from you and your readers. Thank the Good Lord for simple pleasures.

  • Wolfwood

    Other good places in/near Williamsburg include:

    Five Forks Cafe: excellent diner-style breakfast

    Pierce’s Pitt Barbecue: Virginia-style barbecue

    Hog Wild Smokehouse: Southern and Cajun cuisine (located in Norge)

    Peking: excellent buffet of Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Mongolian food

    Williamsburg Winery: the wine’s so-so, but the restaurant is very good