Obama's BP Speech Set to Music – UPDATED

It was about at specific as this:

Legal Insurrection has Obama’s speech in one sentence and questions.

Even MSNBC is underwhelmed

3 Reasons why Obama should kick himself.

Stephen Green
: liveblogged as did Althouse. Note, Obama is going to start a commission!

So, he’s going to create “green jobs” which last week the WH asked Americans to define for them. He’s going to help out all the oilmen he’s about to throw out of work with “green jobs.” He’s going to fix everything.

We are going
Heaven knows where we are going
We’re going there
We will get there
Heaven knows how we will get there
We know we will

Glenn Reynolds has more and and more links

Jennifer Rubin: Boring

really impressed with that czar, idea!

Mediaite: hears the Righteous Brothers losin’ that lovin’ feeling.

Allahpundit: MSNBC waking up to the fact that Obama uses many words to say pretty much nothing.

Palin: Obama is allowing BP to define things

Pursuing Holiness: One Louisianan’s Response to the speech.

Little Miss Attila:
Thinks of a bad Titanic scenario

UPDATE: A must read on sick systems.

And BP apparently is hiring armed mercs to keep people away from the beaches.

Mark Knoller Tweet: Tomorrow at WH, Obama will spend just 20 minutes with the BP CEO. Just long enough for the photo op, and so he can say he “met” with him. Unreal.

Melissa Clouthier

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