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Heehaa! Time to round up those little doggies in my tab bar and send them into the corral afore the weekend gits busy. Here you go, cowpokes!

I was in the middle of putting this post together when the Great Big Siege of First Things occurred and left me unable to finish culling together all the links. So, instead of opening your weekend with all these links, you can spend a leisurely Sunday perusing them!

Start with this: a priceless and perfect economy of words

Do you get the sense, as I do, that now that Obama has done his two-day-visit with photo-op to Louisiana, and has had his meeting with BP executives, he is no longer thinking about the oil spill? That it is off his radar? Seems like the McChrystal/Petreaus story knocked the spill off the front pages–where it was doing the WH no good–and off the front pages, it will remain.

I think there should be a nightly show–the equivalent of “Nightline” during the Iranian Hostage Crisis–covering the damage, what is being done, and so forth. But I won’t hold my breath. Obama wanted to “kick some ass” about the spill, until apathy apparently kicked in.

The first week’s episode could ask: Was this an avertible catastrophe? and why aren’t all the domestic skimmers in the Gulf? Skimmers, international supertankers…Rubio says that the WH response has itself been catastrophic.

NRO gives us a Gulf Spill Slide Show looking at the first 66 days.

On Twitter, as the US exits the World Cup, Jazz Shaw writes:

PREDICTION: It will be 63 days before Barack Obama finally calls in Lionel Messi to figure out why we’re losing to Ghana in #kickball

Left and Right bloggers discuss Obama’s response to the Gulf crisis

Doug Ross, full of snark: The World’s First OilCane

Transparency watch: Is the Obama WH Evading Disclosure Laws?

Stubborn/Arrogant Watch:
Hey, if “not listening” was a high negative for Bush, it can’t be a positive for Obama

Blackmail Watch: No abortions? Then the babies can starve! Here’s Ed Morrissey:

This is literally taking food and medicine out of the mouths of infants in order to push for abortions despite the values and desires of the local populations. It’s every bit as arrogant as the cultural imperialism that the Left likes to accuse Americans of committing when we push for democratic reform.

Where does evil come from?

Great Video: The Legacy of Jacques Cousteau

Elena Kagan: George Will asks questions that the judiciary committee probably won’t

Another good one; Vodkapundit’s Stephen Green begins a new series for PJTV, focusing on tea partiers, across the nation

Speaking of Tea Parties, here is part II of Tim Dalrymple’s exploration as to whether the grass-roots gatherings are a “Christian Movement.”

BizzyBlog: The economic shambles of Obamacare

The sentence that keeps creeping up: Free Speech for Me, Not for Thee

On Confession: Eve Tushnet’s Great Reckoning in a Little Room; A must-read.

A Vision in the Woods:
Home is not a place

Deacon Greg: There is no bigger tent than the Catholic church.

If it was all good, why leave? That’s a question I hope he answers more fully and thoughtfully, but this is bit of reverie a taste of what is to come, then bring on Roger Ebert’s autobiography. Read the comments, too.

Mary’s Aggies, updates their exhaustive Catholic Q & A’s

Fr. Robert Barron on the reform and renewal of Theology:

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  • http://jscafenette.com/ Manny

    I thought that “Where Does Evil Come From” was pretty superficial. He’s talking about some mass murderer type of evil. There is evil that is much more commonplace. It doesn’t account for or a person who’s inaction allows people to die or an abortionist or even someone who agrees to have an abortion. These are all acts of evil that does not come from some demented psychology. The answer where does evil come from is simple. It comes from all of us, from humanity. We are born with it, every single one of us.

  • Joe Odegaard

    If the well is leaking 60,000 barrels per day & BP is capturing 24,000, that leaves 36,000 barrels a day, or 1,980,000 gallons of oil per day or about 1,375 gallons every minute.

    But of course it would be nice to forget about it.

  • dry valleys

    England are out as well. I don’t much care for football (I have no objection to it, just never quite grasped why people obsess it) so to my mind the only upsetting thing is that my workmates will all be in the worst moods tomorrow. As if Mondays weren’t bad enough, I have to tiptoe round the & their hangovers & bitterness :)

    As to whether neoliberalism sits well with Christianity. Just look at its social consequences. I observe that in Britain the things conservatives vilify such as single mothers, divorce, crime etc. all soared under Thatcher. A way of life which pretty much ignored the swinging sixties couldn’t withstand the decade of Gordon Gekko. Which is really what you would expect with a government that destroyed working-class livelihoods in the name of an experiment with the economy.

    You can forgive a man for asking whether it was all worth it, especially after this recession proves what we rustbelt dwellers always knew by instinct, that this system of “encourage the risk takers”, “celebrate huge salaries” (both quotes by members of the last government btw- they must regret having listened to City bankers now) has feet of clay.

    It is not a matter of theory, as Tim Dalyrmple appears to think, but of consequences in practice. Rod Dreher talks about this. Naturally I don’t care for him or his views. But at least he is consistent.

    He has also been condemned by the likes of Jonah Goldberg & the lovely Robert Stacy McCain because they deem his viws un-conservative. I don’t know what they think he is, then, because he isn’t one of mine.

    I’ve not read the blogs in depth as I was out cycling all day. Don’t know yet if anything of any worth has been said :)

  • http://vita-nostra-in-ecclesia.blogspot.com Bender

    It comes from all of us, from humanity. We are born with it, every single one of us.

    Well, yes and no.

    It is true that evil comes from us, but if we are simply “born with it,” then it is beyond our control and, thus, we really are not responsible or culpable for it.

    What we are born with is an impaired nature, a distorted ability to discern truth from error or judge right and wrong, and thus an inborn tendency to choose wrong — what we call the stain of Original Sin. We still have the capacity to choose to do good, such that we are indeed responsible and culpable if we do evil, but our will is defective. We are not born evil, rather, we each personally choose to do evil.

  • http://jscafenette.com/ Manny

    I didn’t mean to imply it was beyond our control, but I like your clarification Bender. Thanks.

  • Maureen

    That Ebert column… kinda shocking. You see how much that parents’ disagreements can hurt their kids, even if it’s all passive-aggressive. (My dad’s Protestant too, but the dynamic is totally different. He almost always went to Mass with us and he always backed my mother; and my mother didn’t go all desperate like that.)

    It’s as if Ebert found himself reenacting his parents — either totally in alt, or totally not caring. What is it with those babyboomers, anyway, where they think that if they have sin problems, it obviously means nothing’s a sin? And the whole idea that Catholic must equal liberal? What?? Were they all brainwashed by FDR? Was it some desperate need of the Catholic establishment to detach from Fr. Coughlin and prove their loyalty to the (Democratic) establishment? Or were they all just serfs to the bounty of the Machine, trying to justify themselves by making a virtue of their slavishly presented votes?

    So weird… I try so hard to read writers like Greeley to understand how such people think, and I just can’t see it.

  • Doc

    I read Kathryn Jean Lopez’ reaction to the Hillary Clinton holding moms and babies hostage story and was surprised that KJ found it shocking. Why would anyone with an understanding of the Left be surprised by this? Ann Coulter devoted a chapter in Godless to abortion, the Left’s holiest sacrament. Ann nailed it and I don’t get how someone as smart as KJ could expect that Hillary’s State Department would ever permit abortion promotion to be subordinate to saving the lives of mothers and babies.

    How can anyone who supports abortion be considered an advocate of mothers and their children?