Listen to Lizzie

I don’t know why you should; no one else does, and I’ve admitted to God more than once he mustn’t listen to me either.

But if you find you want to, and you’re in the Louisville, Kentucky area, I’ll be once again talking to Mike Janocik at WLCR AM 1040 on this piece on marriage in a relativistic age, which I hope to write more about, anon.

Also, if you missed it, Melissa Clouthier chatted it up on her radio show a couple of weeks ago; it wasn’t the raucous and rambunctious time had by Melissa, Elizabeth Blackney, (Media Lizzy) Dan Riehl and Steve Schippert the other day, but I’m more low-key anyway, as you can here in this NPR broadcast

I think “Listen to Lizzie” is going to become a category.

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