What a crass-y guy!

It’s like he’s not even trying, anymore:

Obama couldn’t even get his manners right. Ever the partisan, he took a shot at his host, Holland Congressional representative Pete Hoekstra who was in the audience. Despite opposing the Recovery Act, Hoekstra attended the ground-breaking ceremony, he told The View, “out of respect for the office of president.”

The respect was not returned. “Some made the political calculation that it’s better to obstruct than to lend a hand,” sneered Obama at the end of his remarks. “Now that doesn’t stop them from being at ribbon cuttings, but that’s OK.”

And then the president jumped in his 10 mpg Caddy limo and headed to the next stop on his tour to transform what Americans drive.

Jonah Goldberg wonders: when did the rules change?

Remember the days of Reagan and Tip O’Neill managing to be cordial and social after a day of battle? This president can’t do that. He’s too small.

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  • http://SignoVinces.com Kerry

    People like Pres. Noisome Malignant Pestilence need a ten minute blanket party in a barracks late on a Saturday night a a corrective for their deficient characters.
    “Nov 2010-Vote ‘Dem out! Punish Washington!”

  • Candace

    Hmmm. So Obama supports the working class, eh. I rather thought he was a supporter of the dependent class – the folks who want the government to save their bacon. (oops, forgot. Bacon will definitely not be on the approved list of foods under the new dietary recommendations). But then again, maybe he is a supporter of the working class. Thanks to his policies, I envision that I’m gonna have to keep working well into my seventies provided my health holds that long.

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  • AntiObmaLush

    the trolls consider obama the common man working for the middle class? and btw to the moderate repub who voted for obama your quite the useful idiot

  • CoreyTheGreat

    “[Hmmm...and how do you feel about Obama taking credit for the BP cap that seems to finally be working, when he had nothing to do with it? Had Bush made snide remarks about fellow pols he was in public with, simply b/c they'd voted against his policies, you'd have liked that, eh? -admin]”

    I think it is inappropriate to take credit for things you had nothing to do with. I don’t think President Obama took credit for installing the cap on the oil leak, nor should he. He also should not be blamed for the BP oil leak, which he had nothing to do with and no real control over containment-wise.

    I voted for Bush in 2004 so yes I would have supported him if he called out people who were for something before they were against it…


    [I voted for Bush, too, and I would NOT have supported him behaving thusly. He never did. Yes, Obama's "we" appears to take credit for the cap -admin]

  • Roz Smith

    Mammy’s assessment of the jejune Scarlett once she got her conniving little paws on Rhett’s money again comes to mind with Obama: nothing but a mule in horse harness.

    Jonah’s article is fascinating. His point that the people who are hurting the most don’t want any more governent should be read in conjunction with Angelo Codevilla article at The American Spectator- America’s Ruling Class — the Perils of Revolution. A Rasmussen poll released yesterday showed that just 23% of voters nationwide believe the federal government today has the consent of the governed. This number is unchanged since February.

  • http://jmbalconi.stblogs.com JBalconi

    “Hoekstra should not be grandstanding and voting against funding for jobs and then turn around and take credit for the jobs that were created by the funding.”

    Oh, but my President can take credit for jobs that the Grand Rapids-Holland area have retained because of local politicians and businesspeople! He obviously didn’t take the time to know that Hoekstra reaches across the aisle to Democrats. That’s also why some Repubs call Hoekstra a RINO. That’s also why the Teamsters endorsed him just a few days before the presidential visit. He doesn’t support changing Michigan to a “right to work” (aka “fire at will”) state, but he isn’t going to agree with raising taxes to pay off the debt of federal subsidies to banks, GM, European wind-turbine manufacturers, etc.

    I have to say that Hoekstra doesn’t rank in the my top gubernatorial candidates, but my President should have given him at least as much respect as I do.

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  • Lori

    It’s like he’s not even trying, anymore

    I don’t think he ever did really try. He didn’t think he had to. He knows it all, and what he doesn’t know he makes up as he goes along, and because it’s Him it will be Right. Remember the awful gifts and protocol errors at the start of his term? I thought, well, maybe he’ll learn from the criticism and realize he has to do some homework, or at least get someone else to. But no – nothing improved, and everything just got worse and more cringe-inducing from there.

    It was so clear to me before the election, following the Internet news, what this man was and was not. I still marvel that so many people were so blind – and still are.

    But I must mention that Obama wasn’t the only rude sitting President. I remember a certain Mr. Clinton dissing President Bush at, I believe, the funeral of Coretta Scott King, no less, with Bush sitting more or less right behind him.

  • Angie

    Perhaps his mother neglected to teach him the Golden Rule? It is blatantly obvious he fails to understand that demanding respect for the office of president requires behaving in a manner that is deserving of that respect.

    Obama seems to forget there are three branches of government for a reason. Legislators cannot just bow down and do what he wants, when the constituents they represent want something else, nor can the courts simply rule in his favor just because he wants them to. Even among the Democratic party there are “dissenters,” who are held accountable by the voters, not appointed to office by Barack Obama to make good on all his sweeping “reform.” Were that true, it would be a direct violation of one of the greatest premises of the Constitution, guaranteeing each state a republican form of government.

    I have a feeling that is one inconvenient basis of operation for him, gets in the way of him doing any and everything he dreams, and next on the list for subversion. We’ve already seen what respect he (and most of congress and parts of the SCOTUS, for that matter) has for anything in that document, latest being complete and total disregard for equal protection under the law via the NBPP.

  • A_Nonny_Mouse

    Janis #18

    “Deliver us, please.”


    Amen. And I’d throw in the “from evil” for good measure — I think we’re facing more than just immaturity and bad manners.

    I’ve been ending every prayer lately with “Dear Lord, protect and defend this nation.”

  • P. Buchta


    Actually I depend upon true GDP and CPI. The government has moved away from true representation of these facts since JFK. It provides two important points. 1. It makes politicians look better since the GDP and CPI always seem to be moderately improving. 2. It provides incentive to raise the debt ceiling which has been done consistently since the Eisenhower administration. Make no mistake about it. The true victims here are the American middle and lower class. The winners are all of the politicians who have ever held office. No distinction should be made between what type.