Obama chooses Behar over Boy Scouts?

Eagle Scout son Buster, rappelling down cliff; part of 50 mile Trek

The 100th Anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America is an occasion worth noting by an American president; the organization can count among its former members numerous Presidents, Astronauts, Military Leaders, Legislators, Churchmen, Public Servants, Businessmen, Environmentalists, First Responders and Entrepreneurs who, as scouts, learned basic values of citizenship, responsibility, leadership skills and a code of conduct that has informed their whole lives.

My husband, hearing a public safety announcement about rules for summer safety (“do not dive in shallow water; thoroughly douse campfires…”) said to me the other day, “it’s funny; the government will pay all sorts of money to create these messages, but this is basic safety instruction that every boyscout (and Girl Scout) learns. You’d think the government would want to promote an organization that teaches health, safety and survival skills and encourages learning and self-sufficiency, but it doesn’t. It would cost the government nothing to encourage kids to join scouting, and it would create better citizens.”

This week President Obama has chosen to fly to New York, and appear on The View, to bask in the gushes of the Upper West Side, rather than spend any time at a special-event Boy Scout Jamboree that he could drive to.

President Obama will make history as the first sitting president on a daytime talk show when he visits with the ladies of “The View.” But he’ll be missing out on another historic occasion — the Boy Scouts’ Jamboree marking the group’s 100th anniversary, right in the president’s backyard.

The Jamboree kicked off this week at Fort A.P. Hill in Virginia, where organizers had invited the president to speak to the 45,000 scouts in attendance. All three of Obama’s predecessors have made it to one Jamboree while in office.

But the president will instead be traveling Wednesday to New York for a taping of the ABC show, as well as Democratic fundraisers and a stop in New Jersey. The talk show appearance comes as campaign season moves into full swing, but also amid efforts to cap the Gulf oil spill for good, contain the damage from an unprecedented leak of Afghanistan war documents and battle Arizona over its immigration law — set to go into effect Thursday. Obama also has an out-of-town event planned for Friday in Detroit.

Emphasis mine.

Obama is sending a videotaped message, of course, and sometimes that is what presidents have to do, depending up on their schedules, but as honorary president of an organization that has served the nation well and is celebrating a meaningful anniversary so nearby, doesn’t it seem like there should have been an available half-hour?

After all, he can make dubious “history” as the first sitting president to visit the The View any time he wants to, but the BSA will only have its 100th Anniversary Jamboree this week.

But celebrating 100 years of Scouting history would be about the scouts, wouldn’t it? His “history making” appearance on a ghastly daytime talk program will be all about him.

A no-brainer, then.

I’ve heard people wonder whether Obama is the president of the whole country, or just those districts that voted for him and would do so again, unreservedly, as in the Upper West Side. I’ve heard people wonder if the government wants to promote dependency over self-sufficiency. Perhaps Obama’s choices give us our answer.

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  • RN

    So it’s a scandal that the president believes adult women are more worthy partners for political conversation than male children?

    Something tells me we wouldn’t see any comparable outrage were Obama to fail to visit an anniversary of the Girl Scouts.

    [Of course we will. Scouters are scouters. And the children are citizens, aren't they? They have parents, don't they? Wouldn't it be better for a "leader" address forming minds over minds that are made up? How narrow your view is! -admin]

  • Jeff

    He described whites and blacks as “mongrels” on the View. What kind of a person uses this kind of language. The guy really freaks me out.

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  • Steve P in La Crosse, Wis.

    Boy Scouts … you know, not really Obama’s demographic.

  • Yoda

    It’s the last hurrah for Obama. He’s desparate for some of the old glory from the campaign trail.

  • pst314

    This hatred of Scouting long precedes the gay rights controversy: Back in the sixties the Left routinely defamed it, portraying it as Nazi-like and often hinting at homosexual activities.

    Leftists hated the Scouts because it taught traditional American values (including patriotism and respect for religion). And because Scouting could not be easily infiltrated and subverted, it needed to be discredited, marginalized, and destroyed.

    Just as anti-military faculties latched on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell as an excuse to ban military recruiters, so the ban of gay scoutmasters is only the Left’s excuse in its longtime goal of destroying Scouting.

  • pst314

    “Scouting tends to be fairly politically neutral…”

    Except that it does promote patriotism, and that is not acceptable to the Left. (At least until Scouting can be transformed into an arm of the state.)

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  • Montana

    Real the “Boy scouts Jamboree”, real? Are you saying he disrespect our boys in uniform?, please. Or is he more focused on speaking to adults (The View) about what he is doing to repair our nation (those boys can’t vote, you know). And so you know (or take a look yourself) Twelve other presidents have skipped the Jamboree, including Ronald Reagan (he missed all of them), Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon and yes even Dwight D. Eisenhower, among others, so, honestly, who cares, I don’t.

    [Well, obviously you do care a little, or you wouldn't have written. As I said in my piece, sometimes presidents have other things to do, and they do not HAVE to go to jamborees...but this WAS the 100th anniversary of scouting in America. He IS the honorary president of the scouts. They were practically in his backyard. Children ARE the future, we are told. Still don't see any relevance at all? I'll allow others to decide as to whether sitting with the gals on the view and making odd remarks on race constitutes a better use of his time among "adults." -admin]

  • Montana

    When I was a kid I lived in Utah, and the Boy Scouts was taken over by Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS Church). This organization practices underage polygamy, they send the boys off on missions and divide the girls among the old men of the clan. Now I hear that they send these same girls to the state to get their welfare checks when they get pregnant, so sorry, I do not care about the Boy Scouts. I am glad Ronald Reagan is on my side.