2 Quick Notes

Today is the Feast of St. Lawrence, Patron of Deacons, and I urge you to go check out Deacon Greg’s blog. He has good info, and a prayer, and…the He-Maniest Icon I have ever seen, on display!

Also, over at Patheos, I have begun a Catholic Word of the Day feature. Check it out. And if you have suggestions for words I may use in the future, send them along. It’s surprisingly difficult to think of a word, some days!

Ah, and while you’re there, check out my journal entry from 2007

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  • Bill Daugherty

    That icon begs for a caption: “Uh huh, I bad. Don’t give me no lip. I give you communion right in yo kissa, sucka.” I think St. Lawrence shares this patronage with St. Stephen the Martyr.

  • Dave Robinson

    A few lesser-known Catholic words for you to consider:

    Cappa Magna

    Plenty more, of course …

  • Larry

    I always love this day. I am proud to bear the name of such a great Saint and martyr.

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  • Elizabeth Scalia

    Well I must look up Vimpa

  • Carol Cooper

    It really is amazing that our President, who came into office with so much support and almost complete media adoration could have slid so far and lost so much of that support. He doesn’t seem to have any idea of what it takes to be a leader — or that the opportunity to lead is what you get when you are elected president, as opposed to carte blanche to force your will on the people.

  • Mike Walsh, MM

    St. Lawrence is also, I understand, patron of comedians (based on his famous crack about being “done on that side”) and of archivists. Today (tonight) also marks the peak of the Perseid meteor shower, known back in the day as “the tears of St. Lawrence”. Go out tonight and observe their fall, and remember with gratitude one who recognized –in the least among us– the riches of the Church.

  • Martha

    Ciborium, because it’s so easy to confuse the ciborium with the chalice.

    Maybe Immaculate Conception, although that’s more of a doctrine than just a word, because it drives me crazy when I see it misused (as it mostly is) when people mean the Virgin Birth.