This gives me hope – UPDATED

I can’t say why, exactly, but all of this gives me hope.

Clearly, thirty years of access to home video has made everyone pretty comfortable before the cameras. Until now–thanks to Reality TV, I was thinking of that as a net-negative. I am rethinking my position. A society that can handle its devolution with a bit of humor and artistic entrepreneurship gives me hope. You may feel differently. Watch the videos in order:

Antoine Dodson, charismatic and with a delivery that lends itself perfectly to this:

It’s entirely possible that Dodson and his family will be helped out of the projects not by well-meaning but stale and bloated government programs, but by imaginative, energetic, opportunistic art, and a culture that craves people it can like and root for.

And, of course, by a catchy tune:

UPDATE: From Friend Shana, the Antoine Dodson Doll!. Ah, Capitalism!

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  • SuzyQ

    Also file it under: Wonder leads to knowing.

    It’s funny how people adapt, isn’t it? We’re surrounded by cameras – everywhere there are cameras – and people are starting to understand and interpret themselves in the context of that new reality. (Not me; I’ll never be comfortable with my own image.) People truly are amazing.

    Thanks for the insight, Anchoress!

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  • Western Chauvinist

    I love America! A red-headed white kid playing a song about a black family, living in the projects, which refuses to be victimized, on a Japanese(?) instrument, disseminated on the internet invented by Al Gore… oh, wait.

    Really, that was great!

  • Victor

    This gives me hope also and what’s wrong with a little sense of humor on occasions?

    Thanks for spreading the brain wave. :)

    God Bless,


  • jane


  • jeron

    omgosh is it wrong i was laughing so hard i was crying and coughing simultaneously? this is my first visit to your site – are you always posting stuff this great?! roflol … so many thanks for this.

  • NanB

    It is all so well orchestrated-no pun intended.

  • Gypsy

    I saw this making the rounds but never bothered to check it out. Once it made it past my reliable internet gatekeeper, the Anchoress, I figured it was probably worth my time. It was! Hilarious and oddly heartwarming.

    And I’m with you on the hope.

  • Mr. Graves

    I’d thank you for posting this, but the tune is stuck in my head now.

  • Joe

    I did greatly enjoy Antoine’s cell phone ring.

  • Joe
  • Joe

    I also enjoyed that this wimpy boy friend (emphasis on boy) ended up where he deserved in less than 24 hours.

  • Jeff

    I like the woman, “some idiot” got into bed with me.

  • Hal Duston

    And of course the fact that Antoine Dodson bears more than a passing resemblence to Chris Rock in both appearance and attitude doesn’t hurt either.

    [Yes, he has a very natural charisma -admin]

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  • Barbara

    Wow! Now I have a new catchy earworm.

  • Piano Girl88

    @Jeron…yes, Elizabeth posts some wonderful things on her blog ~ music, religion, politics, recipes, humor ~ you may not always agree with her, but you ALWAYS learn something if you open your heart and mind!

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  • Peter

    The marching band version: link