Beautiful Stained Glass

A while back I mentioned that the Poor Clare’s of Perpetual Adoration, who are establishing themselves in Arizona, were showing off their stained glass designs for the planned chapel of Our Lady of Solitude Monastery, and looking for donors. At the time, I was wishing I had the sort of cash that could fund the window for Bl. Pier Georgio Frassati.

On August 7th, the sisters celebrated the installation of the first complete windows. Gorgeous…but I think the St. Clare really is my very favorite:

Also, remember when the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist
went on Oprah’s show? Apparently the show was so well-received that Winfrey is re-running it on Monday, August 16th; there is a possibility that you’ll see an update there, on some of the featured novices who recently made their first profession. Great pictures – keep scrolling!

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  • shana

    Absolutely glorious!

    I love them all! What a beautiful chapel.

    [If you go to this page there are links within the header to all of the designs and appointments. You can lose a good hour investigating all their plans. They seek to create a true oasis of prayer for everyone, in the desert. -admin]

  • Lori

    Thanks for sharing this, Anchoress! It brought tears to my eyes. Such beautiful work! I loved Our Lady of Guadalupe the best, I think … I always think of her portrait as the only one we know of that came from the hand of God.

  • F

    I’m glad I’m not the only one with tears of joy, amazement and awe! WHERE is my checkbook???

    I think St. Francis is my favorite. It was his eyes.

    St. Faustina’s eyes and face were also perfection.

    It was breathtaking to see Our Lady assumed on a forklift by her 2 sons in hardhats on this her feast day. I’ll bet she is thrilled!!!

    THANK YOU, Anchoress, for sharing this!

    It burns off the darkness of our world.

  • Ellen

    Just lovely. Our Lady of Guadalope is my favorite Marian image, and I loved that Saint Anthony too.

  • Sal

    This was tremendously moving.
    Our E.R. parish was allowed to buy a church building late last year, after depending on the hospitality of the Discalced Carmelites for nearly 20 years.
    The renovations are proceding and the dedication is set for this October. One thing we haven’t raised funds for yet are the windows.

    Currently, they are the mustard pebbly glass the former owners, a Korean Baptist church, had. They don’t fit particularly well with our antique marble altars, but just like Sister, we are giddy with gratitude and don’t care a bit.

    We share her and her community’s joy in their new church and their beautiful windows.

  • Mooga

    My progressive culture warrior side tells me I should be throwing a frothing fit over nuns in habits adoring the Blessed Sacrament. But I’m just not feeling it right now. All I can think is, “Wow. That’s some purty stained glass.”

    I think I’ve met a couple of those Poor Clares on retreat.

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