Palate Cleansers

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  • saveliberty

    These were hilarious! Thank you for sharing the laughter.

  • mcharrison

    It’s such a joy to be reminded that television shows were once written with wit and intelligence.

  • Mary

    The last Cheers sceen….so touching. Again brings tears to my eyes. Thanks for posting!

  • Mary

    Oops….scene just had ro correct myself :)

  • Ken in Kansas

    Frazier is one of my guilty pleasures. That is the best opening and one of the best bits in the whole series. My favorite episode is when they go through the five stages of grieving during Frazier’s unemployment.

  • Karrie

    Great to see that Frazier clip again. First time I saw it I laughed til my sides ached. Gotta love Niles!

  • CHS

    This clip of Niles is probably my favorite 5 1/2 minutes of tv ever. So funny, and Eddie cracks me up, too! I didn’t watch Frasier all the time because some of it was too risque, but I’m glad I saw this bit.