The Unthinkable: To Rome I Go!

Back in July I did one of my loud, obnoxious huff-and-puffs:

Honestly, do I have to go to Rome and storm the press office of the Holy See, and sit the curia down and pull their hats off to smack them upside the head?

Now, oddly–unimaginably–well…I’m going to Rome and will be visiting the press offices of the Holy See, to boot!

And no, you smart-alecks, the picture above is not meant to indicate that my presence in Rome portends a coming darkness. Stop that!

What happened is basically this: I was invited to attend a seminar in Rome, meant for Catholic writers and journalists. I said, “lovely idea, but no–kids out of work, one still in school–can’t be done.”

But they offered a “scholarship” which paid for most of the seminar fees. And then my husband, who has been hoarding frequent flier miles for a “someday” trip to Italy said, “I have enough ff miles to get fly there and work out accommodations, as well…”

And suddenly the thing was doable. It all fell into place so neatly, and so quickly, that I figure it’s “meant to be.” But because I hate to fly I of course hope that means that it is “meant to be” that I arrive safe-to-Rome and safely home, and not, you know….that it is meant to be that I…not do that.

I hate to fly. For my DH it’s practically second nature. He gets comfortable, watches movies, sleeps; he’s quite at ease. I, on the other hand cannot watch movies, read or sleep when I fly; I must stay awake and watch the plane-tracker as we fly over the ocean, in order to diligently insure that the metal box with engines remains in the air, where it belongs.

I trust that God’s Will will prevail, in all things.

And yet, I still have to keep the plane up!

So, it has come to this; I’ll be taking off for Rome next week, and will be gone until mid-September. Not sure of the date-of-return, b/c I’m still trying to wrangle a way to slip over to the UK and cover/simply watch Pope Benedict’s visit to that “green and pleasant land,” and still be able to use my ff miles to get home. It would seem a shame to be so near and yet so far, wouldn’t it?

While I am gone you will be ably served by three (perhaps four) excellent, warm, funny, intelligent writers who have agreed to do me the honor of guest-blogging here. I’ll introduce them to you over the weekend.

And yes, I hope to be able to provide a few Rome-flavored posts (or drop a few pictures by here) while I’m away and the WOTD’s and other good pieces will be added and attended to as well, over at Patheos.

So, really, not much will change while I’m gone. It’s likely you won’t even miss me.

But I hope you’re pray traveling mercies for me.

Starting, like…now?

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