Pope Benedict & Archbishop of Canterbury pray at Shrine of St. Edward the Confessor

First thoughts from John Allen

Another great screen shot from exsimon at Stubborn Facts, with more here

Hello, London!

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  • http://www.christophers.org/closeupblog Tony

    I like the phrase “Affirmative Orthodoxy” that Allen uses. I hadn’t heard it before.

  • http://stubbornfacts.us Simon

    Knowing the history, knowing who and where these men are, knowing what this represents, that picture is an unbelievable sight. I was raised in the Church of England, and Anglican if a diffident one. I grew up immersed in the kind of music we just saw in Westminster Abbey. And it’s hard to describe just how emotional I felt watching this, how incredible these last 24 hours have been. I had thought the old country beyond hope. I am now more hopeful for it than I’ve been in many years.

    I think it’s very clear why the secularists are so against this visit. They are kicking and screaming because they know how dangerous it is. God is dragged out of the religion section and placed front and center on page one. The stage lights of a state visit give our wonderful pope a pulpit whence he can speak directly and unfiltered to people unused to hearing the truth. The visit rips back the layers of gossamer they have placed, step by step, over religion and history; it puts in full view the grace of God grace and that great inheritance inspired by Him that they are desperately trying to make society forget.

    Deo gratias! Oremus pro Pontifice nostro Benedicto! May God keep him safe but make him dangerous; may He use him mightily, that this visit will tear off the ivy and kick open a door, thought irrecoverably closed, through which Britain might walk back to the Lord!

  • http://victor-undergo.blogspot.com/ Victor

    The times they are a changing!

    I know that history will always have ups and downs but I can’t help after reading this post that God’s Children are taking a step forward although I know some Christians will say, that’s right!

    I hear ya! Then there are those who will simply reply. Yes, but His Holiness has already stepped two feet back Victor!

    Go Figure! :)


  • http://heyitsjustablogman.blogspot.com/2010/09/truth-speaks-from-belly-of-beast.html Ted

    He is one brave pope.

  • Annie

    There was so much anxiety leading up this UK trip…many, even admirers of Benedict felt that it should be cancelled. But I have never wavered in my opinion that it should proceed. With his luminous thought, his transparent holiness and his unique charisma, our dear pope always leaves his critics confounded and his flock uplifted.
    God bless him and keep him safe.

  • Marie

    My husband, a cradle Catholic Englishman, who has been confined in his sick bed for two years now, got up on his wheelchair to see the historic Papal state visit on TV.

    He cried.

  • http://vita-nostra-in-ecclesia.blogspot.com/ Bender

    Very historic indeed, this apostolic journey has been, given the near 500-year rift between Britain and Rome. Pope Benedict has truly been fearless in love — on multiple occasions now, he has mentioned the many Catholic martyrs, not to condemn, but to embrace the British people.

  • http://vita-nostra-in-ecclesia.blogspot.com/ Bender

    Wow and more wow.

    Not far from here, at Tyburn, great numbers of our brothers and sisters died for the faith; the witness of their fidelity to the end was ever more powerful than the inspired words that so many of them spoke before surrendering everything to the Lord. In our own time, the price to be paid for fidelity to the Gospel is no longer being hanged, drawn and quartered but it often involves being dismissed out of hand, ridiculed or parodied. And yet, the Church cannot withdraw from the task of proclaiming Christ and His Gospel as saving truth, the source of our ultimate happiness as individuals and as the foundation of a just and humane society.
    –Pope Benedict, Prayer Vigil, 9/18/2010

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