O' Donnell's Masturbation Maturation – UPDATED

In my Tuesday column, I take a surprising turn (I am full of surprising twists and turns) in order to defend Christine O’ Donnell on two fronts, although neither of them is witchcraft, since I wrote it before that bit of silliness raised its pointed hat:

O’Donnell is like Palin-Lite; half the experience, less bitter. In her favor, though, is that she appears to be utterly without guile. She projects the sort of wide-eyed-innocent openness that personifies American naiveté to our cousins in Europe and often embarrasses (and trips up) the dismissive post-American sophisticates on the Upper West Side.

I rise to defend O’Donnell on two points tender to the Christian conscience, those of lying for the greater good, and masturbation.

I hope you’ll read it all and join in the debate.

I have a feeling O’ Donnell is going to need her own category.

Deacon Greg wonders: What if O’ Donnell were a man?

Re the Witchcraft: I wonder how many Americans find O’ Donnell’s situation rather relate-able and not all that troubling. I suspect many Americans would say, “yeah, did that, got the tee-shirt, then tasted the milk and honey…”

More on that: The Pagans Pipe Up!

Bookworm: It’s all about, you know…Growing UP!

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