Kids in Chant; Kyrie Eleison

H/T Sr. Lisa

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  • SKAY


  • saveliberty

    I loved this. It was playing and Mom started to sing along. She wondered if it was on television. :D

    I told her no, but I played it for her again in full.

  • Victor

    This song reminds me of when my friend sang “IT” at church when I was an altar boy and I asked Saint Francis who was incharge of The Holy Angels back then if I could sing with the rest of my friends and one of His weakest strongest cells asked me in front of my friends if I could sing and I said yes and so right there and then, He asked me to sing OH Canada but to make a long story short, that was not my song and so I had to stick to simply continue serving high mass.

    I hear ya! Was that before or after you stole from that church sinner vic?

    I’m not sure but for what “IT” is worth, Saint Francis did appear to me on the night he died in the form of at least five hundred of His Birds.

    I hear ya! Saint Jerome said that “IT” was because He loves dogs Victor! :)

    God Bless,


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