Olby's short, sweet suspension – UPDATED

I’ve had a few emails from people rolling their eyes at the “high drama” of Keith Olbermann’s suspension at MSNBC, which appears to have been a big nothing. He’ll be back on the air soon.

A friend wondered if the whole thing was a publicity stunt.

If it was, it sort of blew up in their faces, didn’t it? If they’d expected the rightwing punditry to engage in gleeful vindictiveness over his suspension, they had to be disappointed. Many on the right were appalled at the suspension and decried it as stupid. Some even got on board with a petition to reinstate Olbermann.

Which means that the next time he goes mega-blowhard about how the people on the right are freedom-hating, constitution-shredding fascists and nazis, or otherwise subhuman bags of meat, Olbermann is just going come off as a bigger clown than ever before.

Oh, those heaped up coals, how they do burn.

Anyway, if it was a publicity stunt, it did manage to effectively end the conversation about how truly deplorable was MSNBC’s election-night coverage, or how well-reviewed FOX’s coverage was in comparison.

And maybe that’s what it was all about.

More here.

The case of Chris Matthews

UPDATE: DO take a few minutes to watch the link in Zach’s comment. It’s priceless.

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  • Ellen

    I don’t think Olby will have a Juan Williams moment (I don’t think he’s as smart at Williams), but I do think it’s ironic that the eeeevil, intolerant wingnuts are the ones who defended these two men’s right to state their opinions.

    I’m pretty sure Olby will be back to bashing all things conservative very soon. It’s his raison d’être.

  • Terrye

    What a waste of time that silly little controversy was.

  • tim maguire

    I don’t think it was a publicity stunt (that seems a little conspiratorial and conspiracy theories are nearly always wrong). More likely they wanted to dump him and thought this was a “two birds with one stone” situation–they could get rid of his dead weight and improve their “in the bag for the left” reputation at the same time.

    Then, in a separate act of cowardice, they caved to the criticism.

  • http://zachriel.blogspot.com/2005/07/liberal-v-conservative.html Zachriel

    Olbermann and Miss Precious Perfect.

    [Never saw that before! Thanks! -admin]

  • Andrew B

    My wife and I were off camping for the weekend, and so only stumbled on this story upon our return last night. My wife said “Wow, they fired Keith Olbermann!”

    I read the full article, then told her it was just an “indefinite suspension”. I bet her that it would last no longer than Jesse Jackson’s famous “suspension” of his ministry after it was revealed that he had knocked-up his mistress (which, if memory serves, lasted just over a week).

    I see this morning that Keith will be back on TV tomorrow. “Indefinite” becomes less and less definite all the time.

  • Steve Colby

    This is good news indeed. Once again I will have the CHOICE not to watch Olbermann!

  • http://www.sportsfantreasures.com Mark

    I believe this was a calculated ploy to help Olbermann try to win back some credibility among Liberals who for years has been losing supporters.
    He had just come out of a disastrous fight with Jon Stewart after saying Stewart had jumped the shark…so what was MSNBC to do…make up a phony controversy to fool the simple minded Liberals, and try to resurrect his failing career and ratings.

  • Joe

    Thanks Zach for that gem from SNL (one of the last funny skits they have done) but it is actually hard to parody Olbermann: Reason’s Olbermann Tribute.

  • Paleocelta

    There was a petition circulating on Facebook to restore him. The petition announced itself by one word: “Emergency!” Pretty funny, it kind of captures the mood of “The Mouse that Roared”.

  • http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3036677/ Keith Olbermann

    I feel compelled to set the record straight, Madam Anchoress. I have started to write a screen play about it…


    The inside story of my epic struggle. By Keith Olbermann.

    CUT TO: The interior of Keith Olbermann’s office.


    These are my bought Democratic politicians, Sir, along with Rachel and Lawrence who owe me big time. And of course my agent. He’s the one who arranged this whole thing.


    Yes — Yes.


    Sit down, Sir.


    Well I was under the impression that you and I would talk alone.


    I trust these men with my life, Sir (especially Maddow who has the toughest guy of the bunch). They are my family. If I were to ask them to leave, it would be an insult.


    Well uh, it’s perfectly all right with me, but I should tell you that I am a blunt man and I intend to speak very frankly to you — maybe — more frankly than anyone in my position’s ever spoke to you before.

    [OLBERMANN lights a cigarette]

    The OLBERMANN family has done very well here in Secaucus. Not counting Fox’s competiton, you own, or, you control, two major time slots. The time slots were grandfathered in, so there is no problem with the board’s approval. Now, my sources tell me that — you plan to make a move against Scarborough. They tell me within a week — you’re gonna move Morning Joe out. That’s quite an expansion. However it will leave with one little technical problem. Ahh — The time slot will still be in Scarborogh’s name. And what will you do with Mika?


    Mika is a good man, almost as tough as Maddow…


    Yeah, well let’s cut out the BS. I don’t want to spend any more time here than I have to. You can have the slot, the price is 250,000 dollars. Plus a monthly payment of 5% of the gross — of all four slots, Mr. Olbermann. And no more money to any Demcrat politicians, we have to maintain appearances. In fact, you will apologize to us all.


    Now the price of the time slot is worth less than 20,000 dollars, am I right? The ratings at this dump are just above a public access station.


    That’s right.


    Now why would I ever consider paying more than that, Sir?


    Because I intend to squeeze you. I don’t like your kind of people. I don’t like to see you come out to this New Jersey swampland in your weird eye glasses — dressed up in those silk suits – and try to pass yourselves off as real Network people. I’ll do business with you, but the fact is, I despise your masquerade — the dishonest way you pose yourself. Yourself, and your whole creepy family. Who do you think you are, Brian Williams?


    Sir – we’re both part of the same hypocrisy. But never think it applies to my family.


    All right, all right — some people have to play little games. You play yours. So lets just say that you’ll pay me because it is in your interest to pay me. But I want your answer and the money by noon tomorrow. And one more thing: don’t you contact me again — ever. From now on you deal through your agent with HR.

    (then, to Maddow)

    Open that door son.

    [He starts to leave]


    Uh, Sir — you can have my answer now if you like. My offer is this — nothing. Not even the fee for the time slot fee, which I would appreciate if you would put up personally. And you, Sir, will apologize to me publically.

    GRIFFIN (laughing)

    Good afternoon, gentlemen.

    [He opens the door and walks out]

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