Finding Closure with Jumper Cables

The latest entry into the Habit of Witness series is a particularly poignant one, written by Carmelite Sister Timothy Marie.

When the convent car breaks down, Sister seeks out some help and her need allows kindness to come full circle, putting paid to “centuries of ignorance and prejudice:

A lot of big trucks were parked nearby. Truckers! My answer had come! Saying good-bye to my newfound friend, I went to the crosswalk and, feeling like Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music scene where she is toting that suitcase down the street singing, “I have confidence,” I lifted my head and walked steadfastly and confidently into Spires Restaurant.

Warmth enveloped me as I stood in the entrance. “Excuse me, can anyone help me, please? My car just died outside.”

About twenty sets of eyes turned toward this shuddering Carmelite, who remained hopeful that chivalry was not yet dead, and that charity still resided in the human heart.

A man seated at the counter purposefully got up and walked over to me. “Roosevelt’s my name,” he offered. Roosevelt appeared to me to be in his 60s. “Take me to that car and we’ll see what we can do.”

Read the whole thing. It will help you to feel warmer!

Sr. Timothy Marie, OCD

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