Apparently National Buildings Are Warm

I was grousing below about–among other things–being cold in my house as we try to keep the energy bills down.

Then I saw this picture of our First Lady, Michelle Obama, wearing a killer vintage dress she got at a thrift shop for a couple grand:

Now, I don’t begrudge anyone who wants to wear one of those classic, elegant, full-skirted, Grace Kellyesque creations from the 1950’s, and it looks wonderful on Mrs. O. But as I sit here wearing heavy socks, long sleeves and a shawl, I can’t help wondering why I’m not seeing goose bumps on those fabulous, ever-naked arms! I begrudge her the warm room temperatures that allow her to wear it!

I’m guessing that the Obama’s are not subject to quite the sort of stringent home-heating rules that we’re following over here.

I wonder if it’s still “hot enough to grow orchids” in the Oval Office?

I guess when you’re not paying the bill for the heating oil, yourself, you don’t care what the thermostat says.

But you know, when you’ve declared a 7-year moratorium on all new offshore oil drilling, you’re putting oil shale development off-limits and there are no immediate plans to build nuclear energy plants…you could at least pretend you’re shivering along with the rest of this mean, cold country.

Steven Crowder looks at why we’re not allowed to be warm. It’s the “Co2? Is that right?”

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