3 Things; "What's Right With the World?"

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It occurs to me that while it’s worthwhile to ask
, as Chesterton did and we do below, “what’s wrong with the world?”, our times are so distressing and disheartening, particularly after this weekend, that we might better-serve ourselves and each other by listing a few things that are “right with the world,” too.

What’s right with the world, to start is that Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, still in critical condition after having been monstrously assaulted, is responding to simple commands; her recovery will be long and arduous, but there is an actual chance for recovery. Millions are united in prayer for her sake and the sake of her family, and for those murdered and injured by a lunatic with a gun.

What’s right with the world is that Giffords’ husband, Mark Kelly, enduring the unthinkable, nevertheless released a thoughtful statement that was sensitive to the losses endured by others in the attack on his wife.

What’s right with the world is that after a weekend of relativistic “truthiness” being spewed by leading newspaper, cable news and internet voices that should know better, the New York Times columnist Ross Douthat manages to write simple truths, well stated, as did Glenn Reynolds in the Wall Street Journal.

Try to think of three things that are right with the world, and let’s hear them. And they don’t have to be “news-based” things, either. What’s right in my own world today: my family are all healthy. There are children laughing as they walk past my house on the way to school. All over the world, babies are being born and new, enlarged love is entering with them. We need more of that new, fresh love.


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  • http://gmsplace.com GM Roper

    1. The Glory of Almighty God
    2. See Number 1
    3. The morning sun in the dew on a spiderweb
    4. The sound of children’s laughter
    5. The freedom to say what we want and Worship as we please.
    6. Friends like you
    7. et cetera, et cetera, et cetera (As spoken by Yul Brenner in his role as The King of Siam in “The King and I.”

  • http://begojohnson.wordpress.com Maria

    Dear Madam,

    What’s right with the world is chocolate. In copious quantities, or just a little bite here and there.

    Still a Purist

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  • http://www.4andcounting.blogspot.com nicole

    1. We have the ability to discuss and learn from this tragedy, freely and without limitation, thanks to technology and a (relatively) free society.

    2. Regular people stepped in and did simple things to lessen the carnage and those kinds of people do kind things every single day.

    3. People like you remind us of the good rather than dwelling on the bad.


  • Bill

    Healthy, loving family. Retired. Able to enjoy the love.

  • john primm

    Primarily…the fact of His infinite capacity to show me–even when I am determined to disbelive–that His love is infinite…I have spent so many hours in the last weeks trying so hard to turn away from Him and He reaches out in the most subtle ways to say, “I am here and I do care”.

    Blessed be…

  • http://www.christophers.org/closeuppodcast Tony Rossi

    1. Family and friends.
    2. There’s more goodness in this world than people realize. The media just doesn’t highlight it as frequently as the bad news.
    3. We have the ability to appreciate beauty and to laugh.
    4. God has a purpose for each of our lives; we just have to discover what it is.
    5. Opposable thumbs.

  • Sal

    Our Extraordinary Rite parish has a church.
    Almost have the garden plan done for Spring (we start early here in Texas.)
    If I ask them, two elder daughters will come clean house for their broke-footed mom.
    Clearer heads usually finally prevail, even after awful events.

    The new look is very nice. Congrats on your move!

  • Mandy P.

    Waking up every day to my two beautiful kids and wonderful husband.

  • Shan

    1) I may have moved my friend closer to thinking about faith in Christ.
    2) A neighbor and friend showed me what it looks like to rely on Christ during the absolute roughest time in life.
    3) I know if you look for light when all appears dark there is warmth there.

  • Alexandrag

    God is still in charge. I have a great family and a terrific dog, great friends, etc. The Anchoress is still on the internet, albeit at a new home. Every time I try to count my blessings, I never get to the end of them. There are so many more than three things right with the world.

  • http://christophersapologies.blogspot.com/ Christopher

    Here is what is “right” in my world today. 1) A long time friend of mine just moved back into the area this week after living overseas for the past eight years. He came over for dinner last night; he was really get to see him and I’m looking forward to resuming our friendship. 2) My wife has finally completed all her coursework for her PhD. Of course she still has to write/defend her dissertation, but at least she will be home in the evenings and her stress level will come down some. 3) I have had chronic lower back pain for the past 19 years. It is one of those things that comes and goes; however, the last 3 months it has been constantly bothering me. As of right now, I’m not in any pain. That could change tomorrow and if it does, I’ll deal with it then, but right now it feels so good not to be in any pain.

  • Paula H

    What’s right with my world right now?

    I feel as Alexandrag does right now. My blessings are too many to count. But to list 3 that are fresh in my mind….

    1. I have a wise and witty spiritual director who counsels and listens me back on track every other Monday morning.

    2. Our small faith group will be resuming again this month after a 6 month “we don’t have a house big enough, where can we go?” hiatus!

    3. My resilient husband and daughter love me no matter what.

    I am really hoping that the “What’s Right” comments exceed the “What’s Wrong” comments. If not, then we’ll be contributing to what’s wrong.

  • Liz

    1. Snow in Tennessee

    2. Cardinals, Mocking Birds, Finches, Blue Jays, Mourning Doves feasting on bird seed.

    3. Watching out the window from my warm home drinking a steaming cup of coffee.

    God is Good!

  • http://www.cowboypapist.wordpress.com Cowboy Papist

    1) Grace from suffering

    2) Love of family

    3) Pope Benedict XVI

  • http://philosophermoms.blogspot.com Erika

    1. My husband is so faithful to me and our children.
    2. Our children love God, us, and each other.
    3. God’s Presence: Emmanuel.

  • Anne

    1. My husband has a new job after being let go suddenly in September. We will move to a new state and new adventures.

    2. We spent Christmas together with our children and grandchildren; all of us together for the first time in 10 years. I’m still basking in the glow.

    3.Friends who stick by me.

    4.Too many blessings to count, and more of them everyday. Thank you God!

  • Myssi

    What’s right with the world?

    1. God is mindful of man.

    2. Another beautiful snowfall here in the Tennessee mountains.

    3. My best friend came through a minor surgery well today.

    4. Modern medicine – the healing arts as practiced by physicians, nurses, etc. “Healthcare” as defined by the media, gov’t, insurance companies and so on notwithstanding, the fact that Rep. Giffords survived a head shot and will likely recover is amazing.

  • newton

    1. The fact that this Congresswoman’s intern, who had been in it for just days, knew exactly what to do. He checked on those who were killed and wounded, guided a few people on how to care for the wounder until the paramedics arrived, and tended to the Congresswoman until she was taken to the operating table – thus probably saving her life.

    We should all tell David Hernandez’s mother, “Buen trabajo. Good job. You raised you son well.”

    2. My husband and my girls. And my neighbors.

    My Little Fig 2 had another fever seizure last Wednesday. Somehow, when I called 911 from my house, the call didn’t go through, from my home phone or my cell phone. Since that was happening – and such thing simply didn’t make sense in the middle of my daughter’s seizure-, I had to take my baby with me to my neighbor’s house, who then called 911. My neighbors were with us and kept us calm until the paramedics arrived and took her to the ER. The ER doctors thought she had bronchitis, but the next day her pediatrician said it was not so, but ear infections and a sore throat.

    To see my Little Fig 2 helpless like that scares the living daylights out of me, but I think we now know what to do the next time it happens.

    I’m now convinced the 911 calls didn’t pass through from my house for a reason. God wanted me to make sure I counted on my neighbors. I usually don’t ask for help from anyone. But there are people who are willing to help when you’re in trouble – my neighbors, in this case. For that, I’m very grateful.

  • Joseph Marshall

    1. That I have yet to succumb to delusion from being bipolar.
    2. That I have yet to become homeless because I am poor.
    3. That I am lucky enough to have health coverage from the United States government, called Medicare and Medicaid, which pays for the doctor and drugs that keep me stable.
    4. That we are still a free enough country that a majority of voters could be persuaded that #3 is a bad idea, that those who think it is a bad idea can speak without fear, and that I could lose those first three things within a very short time due to free and fair elections.
    5. That I have the “precious human birth” that allows me to practice religion.
    6. That I understand clearly that I will someday die, and that nothing I see, hear, or know is permanent.
    7. That I know that the only thing I will take with me at death are the latent results of my prior actions.
    8. That I am able to spend several hours a day on the Buddhist prayers and practices that are the intelligent response to #5,6, and 7.

    Eight should be enough.

    [Nice to see you again, Joseph! -admin]

  • Joseph Marshall

    Also that even after all these years I mess up HTML code. It keeps me humble.

  • Beth

    Jesus came.

  • Left Coast Conservative

    1. The opportunity to go to Mass, morning, noon or night, 7 days a week.
    2. Friends who love and support our family.
    3. My family – the kidlets and the husband – whose love and attention is a witness to the mystery of God’s mercy.
    Cheating here – sorry :)
    4. Catholic blogs
    5. Catholic websites
    6. Real news
    7. Pope Benedict
    ok – I’m done for now – I think I might expand on your idea, though. Maybe a blessing jar that we can read on Sunday’s after dinner. Pondering away over here on the Left Coast.

  • http://www.patheos.com/About-Patheos/Pat-Gohn.html Pat Gohn

    And in this little corner of cyberspace… what’s right with the world is your new berth over here… looking good, dear Anchoress!

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  • dnb

    The sun shines, people laugh, I am loved.

  • beethovenqueen

    agree with Pat Gohn!

    …and my office space, which I’ve just improved to make my own little nearly perfect world.

    …and my job, which affords me to be close to the people I love for another 4 months.

  • Ellen

    1. When the weather is bad, it seems to bring out the best in people. Where I live, if you are stuck in snow half a dozen folks materialize to push you out. This happens all the time, but it doesn’t rate much press coverage.

    2. My wonderful new pastor and assistant. They both are so nice, and holy. Also, they have excellent singing voices and I can’t wait for Holy Saturday and the Exultet.

    3. My sweet granddaughter who loves her Grammy.

    4. My sweet kitty who loves me

    5. And despite all the problems we face, this is a lovely world we have. “The World is Charged With the Grandeur of God” We need to always remember that.

  • http://fineoldfamly.blogspot.com Sally Thomas

    1. God is, and I am able to believe it.

    2. I am able to love my family, and they love me.

    3. #2 means that when I fail at everything else, I can still not quite fail at loving my nearest neighbor.

    4. I have been given the freedom to educate four of those nearest neighbors as a manifestation of my love for them (and one just won a college scholarship, so a little happy dance for her!).

    5. Snow in the NC foothills is beautiful, and means that I get to have my husband home for two days, all day long.

    6. Our small semi-rural parish is vibrant, and our priest is a faithful father to us.

    7. People pray for me, and I pray for them, and God hears us all. And He answers, not always in accordance with our desires, or in ways that we understand, but always rightly, according to a plan too large for us to see.

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  • Doc

    the Catholic Church, led by a wise and wonderful pope
    the USA