3 Things; "What's Right With the World?"

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Ann Althouse

It occurs to me that while it’s worthwhile to ask
, as Chesterton did and we do below, “what’s wrong with the world?”, our times are so distressing and disheartening, particularly after this weekend, that we might better-serve ourselves and each other by listing a few things that are “right with the world,” too.

What’s right with the world, to start is that Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, still in critical condition after having been monstrously assaulted, is responding to simple commands; her recovery will be long and arduous, but there is an actual chance for recovery. Millions are united in prayer for her sake and the sake of her family, and for those murdered and injured by a lunatic with a gun.

What’s right with the world is that Giffords’ husband, Mark Kelly, enduring the unthinkable, nevertheless released a thoughtful statement that was sensitive to the losses endured by others in the attack on his wife.

What’s right with the world is that after a weekend of relativistic “truthiness” being spewed by leading newspaper, cable news and internet voices that should know better, the New York Times columnist Ross Douthat manages to write simple truths, well stated, as did Glenn Reynolds in the Wall Street Journal.

Try to think of three things that are right with the world, and let’s hear them. And they don’t have to be “news-based” things, either. What’s right in my own world today: my family are all healthy. There are children laughing as they walk past my house on the way to school. All over the world, babies are being born and new, enlarged love is entering with them. We need more of that new, fresh love.


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