Hello! What’s Wrong With the World?

You found me! With a little help from my pals at First Things, who helped you get ported over! It’s sort of like Star Trek; you’re on your where to where you thought you were going and then suddenly, you’re transported elsewhere!


Well, now that you’re here, let’s have a little fun, ala Chesterton!

I think Chesterton had fun every time he picked up a pen, no matter how weighty the subject, but sometimes his wordplay is so imbued with a combination of wisdom and wit that it approaches the sublime!

The man who is content to say “We do not want theologians splitting hairs,” will doubtless be content to go on and say, “We do not want surgeons splitting filaments more delicate than hairs.” It is the fact that many a man would be dead today, if his doctors had not debated the fine shades about doctoring. It is also the fact that European civilization would be dead today, if its doctors of divinity had not debated fine shades about doctrine.
– The Resurrection of Rome Via this post.

In this case, we’ll have some serious-fun by trying something we’ve done before around here: detailing What’s Wrong With the World, in 100 words or less!

Chesterton famously wrote a book called What’s Wrong With the World; while in the throes of writing it, he once scandalized a guest by arriving late to tea with the apology: “I’m very sorry; I was upstairs in my room, doing ‘what’s wrong’.”

Misunderstandings happen.

Another time, when a British paper queried a variety of writers, Chesterton answered the question “What’s Wrong With the World” quite succinctly and accurately:

Dear Sirs;
I am.
G.K. Chesterton

Because the evidence is in abundance, I will take his answer for my own. But you have at it. Rant away! For 100 words.

I – and this site – am emphatically not responsible for the opinions of others expressed below!

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