Ultrasound Abortions; What No One Sees

Have you ever looked back on a moment of your life, and discovered that as you’re pondering, you are shaking your head in regret for your actions?

Abby Johnson, writing about the abortion that changed her life, is doing more than shaking her head. She is using her contrition to educate women about the reality of the genuine violence they permit to occur, within their wombs–within the core of their own bodies–during an abortion.

“Thirteen weeks,” I heard the nurse say after taking measurements to determine the fetus’s age.

“Okay,” the doctor said, looking at me, “just hold the probe in place during the procedure so I can see what I’m doing.”

The cool air of the exam room left me feeling chilled. My eyes still glued to the image of this perfectly formed baby, I watched as a new image entered the video screen. The cannula — a strawshaped instrument attached to the end of the suction tube — had been inserted into the uterus and was nearing the baby’s side. It looked like an invader on the screen, out of place. Wrong. It just looked wrong.

My heart sped up. Time slowed. I didn’t want to look, but I didn’t want to stop looking either. I couldn’t not watch. I was horrified, but fascinated at the same time, like a gawker slowing as he drives past some horrific automobile wreck — not wanting to see a mangled body, but looking all the same.

My eyes flew to the patient’s face; tears flowed from the corners of her eyes. I could see she was in pain. The nurse dabbed the woman’s face with a tissue.

“Just breathe,” the nurse gently coached her. “Breathe.”

“It’s almost over,” I whispered. I wanted to stay focused on her, but my eyes shot back to the image on the screen.

At first, the baby didn’t seem aware of the cannula. It gently probed the baby’s side, and for a quick second I felt relief. Of course, I thought. The fetus doesn’t feel pain. I had reassured countless women of this as I’d been taught by Planned Parenthood. The fetal tissue feels nothing as it is removed. Get a grip, Abby. This is a simple, quick medical procedure. My head was working hard to control my responses, but I couldn’t shake an inner disquiet that was quickly mounting to horror as I watched the screen.

Read the whole thing, but be warned; it is not easy reading. God help us all. God help a society that thinks so little about cause-and-effect and the silent screams that reverberate from the womb, into our collective subconscious.

Pray for the babies; pray for the women who get abortions. Pray for the souls of those who procure them, perform them or assign a “target goal” of 35 abortions a weekend, as part of their business plan.

Abby Johnson’s book is released today. You can read more about her story here

Aborting Twin Boys to have a girl.

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  • Tom Grey

    I do wish that more women would get better, more honest, “sex education” that includes what ultrasound visuals that exist which show the facts.
    The reality.
    The actuality, of what the pro-abortion choice means.

    The DNA of the fetus is not the same as the mother’s DNA. It is not even the tissue of the mother.

    Human rights are fetal rights, and fetal rights are human rights. Science says that every individual’s life begins at conception. Politics decides what level of rights which humans have.

  • zmama

    A transvaginal ultrasound can detect a heartbeat as early as 6 and a half weeks LMP- just 2 and half weeks after a missed period. It is truly amazing what we can now see with these early ultrasounds. I know because I’ve been through repeated vaginal ultrasounds with all 3 of my pregnancies, all of which ended in miscarriage. The 3rd pregnancy was the one where a heartbeat was clearly detected at under 7 weeks. Unfortunately the heartrate was too slow and remained so and the miscarriage followed 3 weeks later. I am convinced if more women had early ultrasounds and were actually given the facts there would be a decrease in the abortion rate. Some crisis pregnancy centers in the country have been able to offer these vaginal ultrasounds but most cannot afford the expensive equipment. With all the advances in technology since 1973 it boggles my mind that women, particularly young women, are still told this is merely a blob of tissue.

  • Bob

    Yes, I have regrets. I told my wife – blurted it out and she didn’t disagree. But it’s still too difficult to actually talk about. She deals with many young people and the chaos in their lives. She is much more pragmatic than me. I am aware that I am hypocritical about abortion and lots of other difficult life choices. But the older I get the more sure I am that abortion is a mistake. I cut the cord on both my children and they have brought me much joy. But I have regrets that I try not to think about too often.

  • Mandy P.

    I read that entire article and had to spend the last 20 minutes just holding and loving on my two beautiful children. I had ultrasounds to confirm my pregnancies with both kids and at just a few weeks along I got to see their little hearts beating. I can’t imagine anyone seeing that and then choosing to discard those lives. It’s just pure evil and it makes me so sad to see how many of us have chosen to believe the lies.

    The first rosary I purchased was a “pro-life” rosary with all the colors meaning something specific. It came with a little prayer card on how to use the rosary to pray for life. I’m going to start using that regularly.

  • HMS


    I had an ultrasound at 12 weeks, because I had some issues that were thought to compromise the pregnancy.

    Please do not think that I am schizophrenic, but I seemed to hear these words in my head: ” Don’t worry Mom. I want to be born.” I thought: “This child is encouraging me; I’m the mother; I’m supposed to be encouraging you.”

    I have never been cavalier about abortion again.

  • Teresa D.

    One of the wonderful things that Knights of Columbus are doing is raising money, purchasing and distributing ultrasound equipment around the country.

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  • francesca

    Ultrasound establishes the concrete, practical fact of our shared human existence. Do we not believe that this existence is a process blessed by God at every step along the way?

  • Larry

    I wonder if our purgatory will be spent walking on our knees over hot, crushed glass, to make up for the horror of abortion we have not done enough to stop. God bless and heal these mothers and forgive them, and may He forgive us who have not done enough to educate the public on this issue.

    We should all fast and give alms and pray, pray, pray to end this horror before God says, “Enough, it is Finished!”

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  • M.

    Abortion should not be chosen lightly. It should be safe, legal, and rare.

    We should not condemn the women or their doctors.

    All women have different reactions to an abortion–some are sad, some are relieved, etcetera–and all of that is normal.

    Perhaps if our schools had adequate sex ed, abortions would decrease. We should work to decrease the number of abortions by increasing people’s awareness of contraceptives and the way the body works–not by making abortion illegal.

  • pagansister

    “M”, I agree with your post. Well done.

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  • Sharon W

    “M”…..54 million “legal” abortions since Roe v Wade became law 38 years ago on Jan. 22. Your point doesn’t connect with reality. Sorry….the fact that a heart stops beating betrays the real issue….LIFE! Human life at that. Government is suppose to exist to protect the weakest and most helpless members of society. If that doesn’t describe a baby in the womb I don’t know what does.

  • Anonymous

    Next time I hear a pro “choice” person tell me that a man has no business taking a stand on the abortion issue (unless he’s for abortion of course) I’d love to hand them a copy of this book.