Pro-Life Marchers Roundup – UPDATED

NOTE: I’ll be adding to this post all day as I find new pieces, pictures, videos, etc, so keep checking back!

It seems especially poignant to me that as we learn more about the hundreds, if not thousands of live babies slain by Kermit Gosnell, and the pro-abortion mindset within government agencies which assisted in those killings by looking the other way, that thousands of people are peacefully marching in freezing-cold Washington D.C. for life, and to speak up for human dignity.

As usual, the Washington DC march is getting short shrift from the mainstream press. They will report, as they do every year, that “tens of thousands” people braved the frigid January temperatures in Washington, while the true numbers have been averaging 200,000 for years.

Don’t look for many wide-angle photos from the event. You’ll see close-cropped pictures of a few marchers, or some stragglers, and even more closely-cropped photos of the dozens of protesters, who will be given coverage equal to the marcher’s.

Last night in Washington the marchers attended a huge kick off mass which packed the beautiful Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, which graces the campus of the Catholic University of America. I was able to visit the gathering and learned that the University had opened its gymnasium and athletic buildings to marchers, who had sleeping bags filling every available space; after the mass, they slept on the basilica floors, too. His Eminence Daniel Cardinal DiNardo spoke at an earlier private mass and delivered a strong homily reminding the congregation of the one-ness of all in Christ. Rocco has it here

Saturday on the West Coast, 50,000 marched for life. They marched in Tulsa, too

Ronald Reagan on Abortion: it’s a lot more than 15 million babies aborted, now
YouTube Preview Image

A Meditation on the mystery and beauty of the miracle of life

The pope on ecumenism and life

For the sickest of the sick, however, human life is nothing but “meat.” Fear for them and pray for them.

Ms. Lopez has pictures of the day.

William McGurn: Are Babies Better than Abortions?

UPDATE I: Michelle Malkin has a GREAT round up of her own! Check it out! She notes that President Obama’s “private family matters” remark did not include anything about Kermit Gosnell.

The Weekly Standard: A Youthful March for Life

Steven Greyadnus is liveblogging the march:

A Latino group is here with a large Guadalupe image on a litter. They’re shouting “Viva Cristo Rey!” and “Salve Regina!” Off to our right I can hear what sounds like the Neo-Catechumenal Way. Yep, that’s them. Right next to them are the Rabbis for Life.

Our homemade signs have been much admired and much photographed. Photos to come.

UPDATE II: Coverage from the WaPo’s On Faith Column

NRO Editors: Ho Hum Horror

Mark Hemingway: Why does the press only cover one side of the abortion debate?
He notes that last year’s march got ZERO coverage from the NY Times:

“It’s the biggest non-event of the year!”

Nicholas Frankovitch: The Word, The Image, The Ultrasound

UPDATE III: Vermont “Assisted Suicide Bill” the usual Loophole Scam

First Things: An In-House Round-up

Tony Rossi: Looking at pro-lifers Patricia Heaton and Mother Agnes Mary Donovan

UPDATE IV: The NY Times: doing what it does best, serving the Culture of Death

YouTube Preview Image

(H/T Radio Patriot)

UPDATE V: Michelle Pirraglia on being a survivor of that Culture: her mother had MS, and was advised to abort her:

We should also remember that God Himself chose to come to us through the womb of a woman. Didn’t we just celebrate Christmas less than a month ago and recall this miracle? Just as we see Jesus in the poor, the sick, and the suffering, we also see Jesus in the unborn, since He, too, was unborn in the womb and went through the same process of development that we did. That is where Jesus’ life began, and that is where all human life begins. Those “clump of cells” are not going to grow to be a chicken or a cow—we know what they will be—they are just in the very early stages of human development. That does not make them less human.

How often have we heard the rally cry “My body, my choice” from supporters of abortion? While these women are saying, “This is my body, to do with what I want,” Jesus says, “This is my body which will be given up for you.” Think about that contrast.

A Military Pro-Life Story

Some reading appropriate to the day:
Kathryn Jean Lopez: Abortion as a Tea Party Issue
Marcia Morrissey: The Insidious Blip of Abortion
David French: Abortion in Retreat
Inside Catholic on Kermit Gosnell: A Grisly Reminder of Obama’s Past
Msgr. Charles Pope: MLK and the Pro-Life March
David Mills: Culture Precedes Apologetics
Leticia Velasquez: Abort them but don’t call them names?
Meg Riley: The God of Pregnant Women
Liberty Pundits
Fathers of the Church: Legacy of Life and a Culture Exposed
Gosnell; Baby Feet Kick the Nation and Why are We So Shocked, NOW?
Heather King: The Dangerous Idea
Videos from the West Coast March
– the second video gives you a sense of the size of it.
Joy McCann: How to Kill Women and Children for Money
Flight into Egypt: Kermit Gosnell and the Tea Party
Deacon’s Bench: You are on a Pilgrimage, Like Mary!
Young people: lauded for their pro-life sensibilities

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  • Rhinestone Suderman

    I’ve been depressed, and saddened, by the Gosnell story, but I’m greatly cheered and heartened today, reading about the pro-life marches! Just looking at the faces of the marchers lifts my heart!

  • Alexandrag

    EWTN is live streaming the march. Go watch it and participate from afar.

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  • archangel

    A simple amendment to the Constitution.

    “Every human person from conception to natural death is guaranteed their individual right to life and no entity, gov’t or private has the right to take it away.”

    This includes the unborn and the criminal, not to mention terminally ill or otherwise “unwanted” people. Frame this in the “life” terminology and there is not ONE politician who could say they are “anti-Life” and survive for long as a viable candidate.

    Place before the chambers of this nation LIFE or DEATH. It worked once… it will work again.

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  • EegahInc

    We only had a few thousand at the silent march in Atlanta on Friday, but I found it powerful nonetheless.

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  • conservativemama

    I too am heartened by this annual March and by the fact that young people, in greater numbers, are embracing a culture of life.

    But the Gosnall story just makes me think of Mengele. If we have people in our country who are comfortable with hiding this story, then what has happened to so many of us? How can any person with a conscious be okay with rationalizing this horror, with letting it happen, with even after all we’ve learned, still have no moral qualms?

    We have mass murder of the most innocent among us in our own country, and our President cannot be bothered to mention it. This hurts, it really hurts.

  • Robert C

    I am also cheered by the marchers but frustrated with dealing with those so intransigent with dug in heels who claim it as a right to be held over ‘the bunch of cells’. Nicole Neroulias’ blog on Beliefnet is one place where the arguement rages like its 1984 with all the same old euphemisms.

  • Klaire

    Thanks for covering this Elizabeth. I went to the DC March for the first time last year and was astounded to see that 80% was the youth of this country.

    On another note, very curious as to why you would link to Meg Riley, “the god of pregnant women.” IMO, that article should be titled “the god of abortion.” Good grief, the women rationalizes abortion, because it’s “complicated.”

    Unlike the Catholic bloggers, Meg won’t allow any real debate. She deleted both of my comments, proving what a coward and phoney she is, disguised under a religious robe.

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  • Mandy P.

    Thanks for following this! I read the Michelle Pirraglia piece and was moved. What a beautiful story! I am constantly amazed at those who dismiss children as a burden and a negative. Children are the most amazing source of joy and love.

    I absolutely adore my two little ones and can’t imagine life without them. in fact, looking back on our lives before our children came into the world, my husband and I both have reflected on how selfish and shallow we were. Parenthood has changed us both for the better and our lives are so much more fulfilling.

    I thank God every single day for the opportunity He gave me to love on and live with my babies. And the idea that there was some point in time when it would have been OK to snuff them out so as to avoid come inconvenience is extremely offensive to me.

  • David

    My wife and I and the kids marched in the Tulsa March for Life. It was a great event and a great witness. I would love for there to be marches all over the U.S., if just to let everyone know we are not going away. Thanks for mentioning the Tulsa march.

  • Teresa D

    Mrs. Scalia don’t be so hard on the media. After all they are busy getting all gussied up for tomorrow nights show on Capitol hill. And don’t be hard on the President. He had dinner guests the other night. Entertaining the leader of China is hard work. Meanwhile, in china 35,000 involuntary abortions are performed each and every day. Both the media and the President will look the other way. However, my heart was warmed when I tuned in to EWTN today and say all those lovely people. Maybe there is hope yet.

  • Sal

    Our parish took a bus to the Dallas march, which is usually quite large, on Saturday, to spare parking space . Couldn’t go- broken foot- but was in solidarity in prayer.
    Thank God for the positive of the new media- a counterpoint to the ‘official story’ of the MSM.

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  • Frances

    Great coverage, Anchoress.

    The media skewed its reporting on our Walk for Life West Coast as well. So, we are particularly grateful for your compilation here today.

    Thank you.

    Seeing the March really does give everyone hope.

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  • Roland Hirsch

    Thank you for the excellent round-up of information and photos from the March for Life in Washington and similar events elsewhere.

    One small point: sometimes in the round-up the name of the mass murderer in Philadelphia, Kermit Gosnell, is misspelled as Gosnall.

    [Thanks for the heads up - what comes of working too fast. In truth, I actually first typed "Felix" instead of "Kermit." I'm a little tired today from traveling! -admin]

  • francesca

    Thanks, Anchoress.

    Isn’t it true that God has loved us into existence itself? Hasn’t God loved us entirely as we came into being?

  • Downey

    Pictures of the March on the New York Times website

    [Wow. That is remarkable. It will be interesting to see what the print version carries tomorrow, but thank you for showing me this, tonight. Sadly, no shots of the crowd on the mall - most of the images (with the exception of the Verizon Center pic) are narrow in scope. Still, very unusual to see at all! -admin]

  • the cottage child

    While I’m a young (not quite yet) Catholic, I’m a middle aged person and have been pro-life for most of my adult life. The LMSM and their usual “contributors” reactions to this murderer Gosnell posing as a health care provider were still so eye-opening – pro aborts aren’t just pro-abort…they’re decidedly anti-life. THEY DON’T CARE ONE WHIT ABOUT THE MURDERED BABIES, nor for the women who were sacrificed during the gruesome ritual, any more than they care about any other products of conception, regardless of age…it’s only ever about The Agenda. That is the creepy core of it – the idol they worship, there’s no intellectual or spiritual end, just for the sake of …of…of…what again? 50 million people being denied exercising their rights? Ironic how proud they are of that.

    I wept at Mass yesterday, like an idiot, because the immensity of the evil and sadness is all but overwhelming – we’ve lost an entire generation of people in the US alone. And the rest of the world? Rachel’s children, who are no more…

    It makes me love seeing those wide angle pictures all the more… so reassuring. We are the majority. I don’t know how to make our policy reflect that, but I have faith that God does, and will.

  • Jane Hartman

    The Born Alive Infant Act, ensuring that if a child made it through an abortion would be given every possibility to live, was given a “no” vote by Obama. I would ask him, what would you do with a child who lived through an abortion? Would the doctor have to kill the child? As Kermit Gosnell did, allegedly? If Obama had his way, it would seem that Gosnell did nothing wrong. The truth is so awful that we can’t seem to realize it. May the Lord have mercy on our nation.

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  • Kell Brigan

    The phrase “pro-aborts” is ugly, uncharitable and dehumanizing. Using it and other childish insults in the midst of a call for unbiased reporting is sadly ironic. These egotists need to shut up; they’re making us all look angry, exploitative and abusive.

  • Blue Max

    Downey, thanks for the link to see the NYT pix. I was so thrilled to see the first one of the eight showed our parish priest in line for Holy Communion.

    I also liked the Verizon picture showing the place packed with upbeat, positive prolifers! What the critics of the pro-life movement don’t understand is that we are motivated by love — love of the baby and love of the mother. This is why we, with God’s help, will eventually reverse the evil of abortion.

    By portraying the pro-life movement as anti-women, as a negative movement, harsh and vindictive, mean-spirited, etc., they only fool themselves. And in fooling themselves, they only paint their superstructure while the foundations of their arguments rot away.

    My teenage children are so energized by the positive, life-affirming experiences of the day — they love going to the March every year no matter how harsh the weather.

    This year had an added bonus. We are die-hard Packer fans, and they loved running into the contingent from Green Bay (my son was of course wearing his Rodgers jersey to the March). Everyone is so excited about the Packers going to the Super Bowl. My son tells me when they introduced Bishop Ricken at the Youth Rally that it started the “Go Pack Go!” cheer!

  • Blue Max

    And let me contribute this selection of pictures I found posted online from the Youth Mass and Rally:

    Look at those faces of the youth, the priests, the bishops — motivated by their love of God’s gift of life! This is why the Culture of Life will succeed.

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  • the cottage child

    Kell, I agree the word “pro-abort” is ugly – it is also the reality behind the mindset of many who would cloak a very ugly agenda in the word “choice”. We are a culture who like to look past the ugly consequences of our addiction to choice of all kinds.

    Are all people who rally for “choice” evil pro-aborts? – certainly not, but mincing words in the name of misplaced tact doesn’t serve. Utilizing the softened lexicon is what’s dehumanizing and uncharitable, not only to the victims of abortion, but also to those who are ultimately denied being educated to the truths of it. That hardly makes someone who doesn’t seek to make the language of abortion more palatable to the delicate sensibilities of the politically correct an egoist, and isn’t counter to demanding unbiased reporting, it’s the essence of it.

  • Manny

    I am heartened too by the March! Great coverage Anchoress. Hope you have another concluding blog on it. And Jane (in comment #25) makes a great point. By Obama’s standards Gosnell did no wrong.

  • Margo

    I tuned into the March on EWTN last night. Excellent post, and thank you so much for providing all those links. I would never have been able to find all of that information on my own!

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Excellent coverage of the marches, Anchoress!

  • Doc

    I was proud to help carry our parish Knight of Columbus banner at the Atlanta March for Life Friday. Prayer and action are required. Force the Democrats to abandon abortion. It can be done.

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  • Sr_Lisa

    I’ve been on the road, having participated in the Walk for Life West Coast on Saturday in San Francisco, so I’m only now able to post some first thoughts and pictures of my experience. Enjoy!

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  • Victor

    After reading a lot of this post, I’m starting to think that The Egyptian pyramids were left as a spiritual warning that The Alien so called gods still control most human cells but if we keep Praying and Marching Peacefully, The True God and His Angels will soon learn that we are serious and do really care about human life! Don’t you think?

    Unward Christian Soldiers of Peace

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