March For Life Visual Round-Up

The Franciscan Friars note: The time it took for the March to pass our camera was 1 hour 31 minutes.

A week past the giant march the media couldn’t find, I figured it might be good to look back on the peaceful gathering of nearly 250,000 people, declaring that life is good. Keep the momentum going by getting the visuals; they’re very heartening!

Kathryn Jean Lopez has terrific pictures up at National Review

Even better pictures (sorry, Kathryn) at St. Blogustine.

Sr. Lisa Doty

Jennifer Fulwiler

Frank Weathers has his family’s trip to DC in two parts with lots of pics.

Domestic Vocation

Great pictures of the Youth Rally and Mass for Life

A few articles:

Kathryn Jean Lopez on “Aborting” the Race Card

What we can’t not know

“My People are Perishing”

From Fratboy to Priest

The Collapse of Cultural Catholicism

Harvesting Organs from Euthanasia Patients

Finally: A Feel-Good Story

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