March For Life Visual Round-Up

The Franciscan Friars note: The time it took for the March to pass our camera was 1 hour 31 minutes.

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A week past the giant march the media couldn’t find, I figured it might be good to look back on the peaceful gathering of nearly 250,000 people, declaring that life is good. Keep the momentum going by getting the visuals; they’re very heartening!

Kathryn Jean Lopez has terrific pictures up at National Review

Even better pictures (sorry, Kathryn) at St. Blogustine.

Sr. Lisa Doty

Jennifer Fulwiler

Frank Weathers has his family’s trip to DC in two parts with lots of pics.

Domestic Vocation

Great pictures of the Youth Rally and Mass for Life

A few articles:

Kathryn Jean Lopez on “Aborting” the Race Card

What we can’t not know

“My People are Perishing”

From Fratboy to Priest

The Collapse of Cultural Catholicism

Harvesting Organs from Euthanasia Patients

Finally: A Feel-Good Story

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  • Sally Thomas

    My two oldest children went to the March with my husband and two busloads of students and faculty from the college where he teaches. This was my 17-year-old’s third March, my 13-year-old’s first. I stayed home with my younger ones, but while the others were gone, I thought a lot about what had contributed to their pro-life activism. It’s traceable to one significant conversation, which changed my life, too.

    Anyway, it always strikes me as weird to say, “Wow, they had a great time,” at an event focused on the sadly-ongoing reality of abortion. But they did have a great time. Part of it was the cameraderie for sure (there’s a particular monk with whom my daughter always ends up getting lost, which has become really funny over the years), and then there’s the sense of, for once, having something really big to *do,* rather than just feeling angry. I think that’s what made it momentous for my young teenaged son, who has something of a crusader’s spirit but not always clear outlets for that spirit, if you know what I mean. That, and getting an after-hours tour of the Capitol with our Congressman. That part was really uber-cool.

    Thanks for an excellent roundup!

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  • Matt@StBlogustine

    Thanks for the link and kind words, Elizabeth.

  • Victor

    I’ve asked God in prayer why there are so many abortions nowadays and He seem to say that “IT” is responsible for “IT” cause “IT” didn’t know what “IT” was doing when “IT” seduced Eve and then convinced Adam that he was “IT” and so in other words, when “IT” tagged Eve and Adam, “IT” was too late for “IT” cause God cursed “IT” and so “IT” took the form of a snake and “IT” was very happy when Eve and Adam fell deeply in love with “IT” and then “IT” convince Adam and Eve that they were “IT” NOW and so king and queen “IT” made them and “IT” became their staff and “IT” convinced Adam and Eve to continue following their conscience instead of God’s original plan for them and they learned to live with “IT” and eventually “IT” convinced Adam and Eve that he was really “IT” and they were both stuck with “IT” so they tried to make the best of “IT” and when God got wind of “IT” and because of the Prophets which God had sent, “IT” convinced Adam and Eve to fall deeper in love with “IT” and to make a long story short, they both learned to live with “IT” and agreed that “IT” could kill all God’s prophets if they did not want to believe in “IT” and “IT” made Adam and Eve’s life a living sin for them and their children and as time when by they learned out of survival to live with “IT” and “IT” got so bad that God sent HIS Word to check “IT” out and “IT” wasn’t very funny when God said that He was not going to take “IT” any longer.

    To make a long story short “IT” branched out of Our Heavenly Father’s Time and NOW “IT” is so far from God’s Ratio of His Time Reality that “IT” would take an Eternity before “IT” is completely saved. Now “IT” is so powerful that he’s managed an eternal alien spiritual reality army that no hurtling could stand a chance against but because of human free will, the alien so called gods don’t want to take over earth yet until they can make sure that “IT” is fairly safe to do so and right now they are making sure that children are really the ones in spiritual control of this world and have convinced many Unborn mother’s to be, that waiting at The Milky Way to get into The Book of Life is a waist of time for past sins cause before “IT” is through and by convincing woman that they are really carrying a sin at birth “IT” will be too late for humanity to defend “IT”self against “The Evil Trinity” if you know what I mean?

    This is just my Canadian Christian two cents worth but what do I really know? Go Figure! :)

    God Bless Peace