Yay Packers! – UPDATED

Yes, I rooted for the Packers, and was very glad to see them win.

UPDATE: And not just because of this:

Read about it here.

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  • Manny

    I’ve been meaning to mention this to you, but now that we’ve had this comment format for a few weeks I’ve grown to hate it. Do others feel this way? And if I’ve noticed correctly, you seem to be getting a lot less comments than you used to. Filling out my email address and name every time is annoying. I like the direct reply aspect but that’s the only thing I like. Not sure if it’s worth it. I would have emailed this comment but I no longer see an email Anyway, that’s my two cents. :)address.

  • Anonymous

    The National Anthem belongs to all Americans and speaks for, not just to, all Americans. Therefore, individual improvisation in the artist singing it is always inappropriate because it speaks for her/him and not for us. Christina and all the rest, just sing it the way it is written. It is so much greater in it’s simplicity than you by your improvisation can ever make it. Oh, and learn the words.

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