Valentine's Day Linkfest of Love! UPDATED

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, and send ’em all to me for St. Valentine’s Day! And in return I will give ye a linkfest of love, and a useful app, free for Valentine’s Day

Start with Deacon Greg: Who was St. Valentine, anyway?
He also offers a poem about lovers being alive together!

For film buffs and lovers of screwball comedies (Me! Me! I am one!): Joseph Susanka writes “Divorce Granted,” a fun stroll through three Cary Grant films that gives us food to ponder about divorce in our age.

For those who feel “left out” on love: Marcia Morrissey remembers a painful Valentine’s Day and shares a moment in her life when she realized that we are all known and loved as unique individuals. Also read A Valentine for Single Folks

For those struggling with virtue: A story about a couple who make a valiant stab at it with God as their wingman.

For those who don’t think it’s possible: Red Hot, Catholic Love and the Myth of Romantic Love

For those who need a little controversy: Marriage, the other vocation

For those who need a bit more controversy: Meg Riley on creating blessings for divorce

For the socially conscious who have a few hours free: a noontime bit of activism

For the parents who are tired: the love that sacrifices, and stays strong

For the philosophers and analysts: love means exposure, uncertainty and fidelity, and it only grows when it transcends desire

For those who want to jump in with both feet, for life

For those looking for a sign

One for the Nutella Fans!

And no cussing!

UPDATE: And from Kathryn Jean Lopez, Sticking With I-Do.

Also, more VDay reading on New Advent

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