Happy St. Patrick's Day – UPDATED

In 2002 the family made a trip to Ireland – a long coastal ramble that ended in Dublin and a bit above. On a hot thirsty day we stumbled into a pub and found the coldest, most delicious Guinness’ ever. Enjoyed them while singing this!

If you haven’t made your soda bread yet, here’s the recipe!
I’ll be posting them as I find them, so check back!

Pat McNamara has thoughts on Patrick and Immigration and a poem

Lots of Links here

St. Patrick and the Trinity and the Shamrock

The Solitude of St. Patrick
NRO on What makes Guinness so great

The Lovely Dark Island

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  • Old Fan

    Happy ST. Patrick’s DAY!

    Slainte! Erin Go Bragh!

    Beannachtai Na Feile Padraig Oraibh!

  • Eithancreek

    Slainte!! So happy it’s St. Patricks Day! In the spirit of the Irish, keep a look out for the movie White Irish Drinkers coming out next weekend the 25th. Looks amazing! Woot Woot! Check it out! http://www.facebook.com/whiteirishdrinkersthemovie

  • Elizabeth K.

    Slainte! But why do I keep coming across people who talk about being hot in Ireland? When, oh when, are these mythical hot days? I love Ireland, but it never got hot when I was there in July. But then, I am from a very hot spot, so perhaps my temperature gauge is off. Love the Dubliners.