The Comments Section

Had several complaints in my email box and in the comments sections, themselves, about the new format. So, I’ll ask again: would you like to go back to the old commenting format?

If so I will do it, but do be aware that there is a chance we’ll lose all the comments accrued in Disqus in these past few weeks. Which might be a blessing.

Your thoughts?

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  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    I like the new format…but not wedded to it. Whatever works :-)

  • marika

    I actually read you on Google reader, so I never actually see your format…probably not something you want to hear after slaving over the set up :)

  • Katherine

    I like the comments current set up. But it’s all free ice cream, so I’ll take what ever makes your life better.

  • Foxfier

    As nice as it is to get notified when someone posts a comment, a more blogspot style comment format would probably be a lot nicer.

  • Foxfier

    As nice as it is to get notified when someone posts a comment, a more blogspot style comment format would probably be a lot nicer.

  • Maria Horvath

    I vote for the previous format.

  • Leslie Eastman

    I would prefer the previous comments style, but if the new way works better for you, I will learn to cope. :)

  • Manny

    The only positive about the new format is that one can directly reply to a person’s comment. I wish we could mix the old to have that feature. I used to strongly prefer the old format. I guess i’ve soften and now only mildly prefer it.

  • 4unborn

    The previous comments style PLEASE.

  • dry valleys

    It doesn’t bother me. Like most changes, I pulled a face at it then got used to it. It hasn’t reached the stage where it’s THE comments system but I’d be happy for it to go on. Commenting in general is good. (beats having a blog of your own, if you ask me!)

    There are some comment features where it’s possible to give both positive and negatibve reactions to a post. I don’t see myself faring very well under such a system. But it might still be an idea worth thinking about.

  • Cranky

    I rarely comment but often read. I like the old style better and if you don’t switch back I will throw a fit.

  • DeLynn

    I prefer the old format, but I agree with the others who said that if this is easier for you, I can adjust. :)

  • Sal

    Old style, please. The direct reply function is nice, but that’s about it. Still, your blog, your choice.

  • Jenny

    I don’t really care about the comment style one way or the other. It would be really nice if the number of comments would show on the post so I don’t have to click to see if there are any new comments.

  • Jen

    I’m good with the current format. It’s nice to be able to reply directly to comments, and also to “like” another comment. But unlike Cranky, I won’t throw a fit if you change it back. :) (Sorry, Cranky, but I couldn’t pass it up. Luv ya.)

  • DeLynn

    Sorry to comment again on the comment issue, :), but I really agree with Jenny–I would love to see the number of comments.

  • Roberta Hanson

    Please keep the faith and know our Lord will give you the courage to come through this. As you have stated, the stronger in faith you are, the more the evil one tries to pull you down.
    May our Holy mother be you comfort through her intercession.
    Roberta Hanson