I fail at time management…

Every day I make a “to-do” list and every single day I proudly put lines through what I’ve managed to get done and frown over what is left, and too much gets left.

I just discovered a list of people I needed to write thank you’s to, for something. I wrote the list ages ago, and it got buried. Thankfully, it’s never to late to express gratitude, but what a slob I’ve been!

For weeks now I have been meaning to wish a Happy Fifth Blogging Anniversary to Obi’s Sister; I don’t even get to go over there, anymore to read her — not because she’s not interesting, but because some days I don’t even get to read the headlines until…well, about now. It’s a big thing to run a blog for five years, and Ginny’s a sweetie. Happy Anniversary, girl!

More catching up – I’m going to do an old-fashioned tab-bar clearance to get the weekend started:

Over at Catholic Key: Jack Smith is writing about the State Department’s apparent dislike of Ambassador Doug Kmiec’s thoughts and ways. I thought he was foolish to support Obama on the belief that, somehow, this Senator with a 100% approval rating from NARAL would magically turn out to be the president who reduced abortions; he’s the president who will veto a bill that cuts funding to the nation’s biggest abortion provider. But that said, it sounds to me like perhaps Kmiec is not getting a fair shake, here.

A look back at Jonah Goldberg’s writings on abortion, euthanasia and Margaret Sanger. Offered in response to this vile little quote

The Vatican will be meeting with bloggers! We’re coming up in the world! Rocco has the story and Miss Davis is feeling inspired to go to Rome! Somewhat related, today is the anniversary of John Paul II’s funeral.

Msgr Charles Pope: Without the truth we are left only with power. A really good piece, looking at Pope Benedict’s latest book.

The Day the Earth Stood Still: You SciFi geeks kill me, usually, but I like Joseph Susanka’s comparison of the old film and the remake.

Pat Gohn: Makes a great analogy as to getting to confession and that other place you go where nobody else knows…

Via Lisa Graas, who is a Passionist Oblate, news of a new novice and a lovely slideshow of the vestition

The 6 Most Unexpected Converts. I love the Lourdes story, but was also every taken by the information that Buffalo Bill Cody and Sitting Bull!

Hell is getting hot: with Intrigue!

Max Lindenman: Mummies, Miracles and Dry, Dry Bones

Susannah Breslin: I love her name, but I love her smart columns even more

Jennifer Fulwiler: A beautiful piece on the beautiful moon

Patrick Madrid: Mama’s don’t let your babies date non-Catholics. Don’t know if I agree; my Elder Son wouldn’t have met Kitty had we had that rule, but it’s an interesting argument.

A Court of Israel?

The Anchor: If you’re secure in it, you don’t mind where the wind takes you.

Horrible story; I swear, looking at the Drudge headlines is enough to throw me back into wondering if the world is truly upside down and in the grip of a diabolical disorientation.

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  • Tempus Fugit or is it Tempus Fudge-It

    It tend to blow time management too. Here is some feedback you did not ask for: put down the club and the whip.

    Step away from the self-recrimination.

    Instead try: observe and correct.

    Self beating thrills no one but you. It hurts you and your motivation to do better.

    How about noticing what entices you away from your list?

    Or, try what I do when I just give up and in: “Ok, Holy Spirit! What do YOU want me to do now/today?” Works. More peace in that method. Funny how what He wants done makes the puzzle of life shape up much faster.

    I try to go by: Lean not upon your own understanding.

    I do attempt to get as much done on the list as I can but…

    Your fellow time waster-messerupper

  • http://www.lisagraas.com Lisa Graas

    Thanks, my sister. May I shamelessly sneak in and post a link to a newbie to the Catholic blogosphere? Her name is “Mrs. J” and I think she’s simply wonderful. She is a prodigal daughter.


  • Dynan

    Make your list the night before each day. As you sleep,your

    Higher Power will review your list. Make sure each item

    aggregates your energy equally. No more than 8 items. On

    average, each scheduled task takes 2 hours. Should your

    Higher Power disagree with your plan, you will get a text or

    an e-mail or a telecon that changes your plan! Jesus led

    a very well measured agenda, not much hurrying.

    Occasionally, I have 6 item days.

    I) Prayer and meditation

    2) Newspaper and tend the cats

    3) Internet

    4) Supper with wife

    5) AA or Alanon mtg

    6)Prepare for bedtime

  • Jen

    Since I can’t comment on the newest post, I’ll leave it here. It’s nice to reclaim silence for Lent, but every time I open your blog lately, that Hulu video starts blaring and I have to scroll down, down, until I can find it and pause it so it’ll shut up! Not very conducive to silence and reclaiming Lent. Just sayin’.

  • AB


    The good news, such as it is, about the school massacre is that they had to go to another continent to find the news. These sorts of things are astonishingly rare, given the fallen world we live in.

    There are six billion people and six billion people didn’t perpetrate a massacre or be massacred. Even horrors such as the Congo involve remarkably few of the six billion going through their lives, “in the same old way.”


  • Billiamo

    I stopped reading the Drudge Report for the same reason I stopped watching TV: It offers a selectively bleak view of the world, and I need all the help I can get.

  • http://victor-undergo.blogspot.com/ Victor

    I don’t know how you do “IT” Anchoress! I’m retarted, don’t get smart sinner vic :) I mean retired and I can barely find time to do nothing if you know what I mean? I don’t know how much they pay you but I’m sure that “IT” is not enough!

    All kidding aside Anchoress, you really are a blessing to U>S (usual sinning) humans and I can’t wait to click all you’ve provided here but right now I really don’t have the time. Go Figure!

    Keep UP the good work and words

    God Bless Peace

  • SKAY

    From the story about the horrible shooting at the school in Rio-his sister said–

    “In recent months, she said, he appeared to have got closer to Islam.”

    The world is truning upside down.