Updates on Joseph and Buster

Just to keep all updated — my cousin Joseph, who you may recall has been seriously affected by radiation treatment of a brain tumor, was making progress; earlier this week he was moved out of ICU and taken off the respirator. Although he still cannot use his voice and it is unknown if he ever will speak again, his comprehension is much improved (thank you for the prayers!). There was hope that he would be taken to a rehab facility next week but — unbelievably — he is now back in ICU due to some sort of systemic infection. He is in one of the best hospitals in New York, and it seems like every negative thing that can happen is happening. Please keep Joseph and his wife and children in your prayers.

And thank you very much also, for remembering my younger son, who came up with his yearly bout of pneumonia this week and was really scaring me. He sounds much better today, and was sitting in fresh air and sunshine. Today, I worry a little less…

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  • kensington

    I appreciate the reminder that my own problems could be much, much worse. I’ll keep them both in my prayers.

  • http://www.savkobabe.blogspot.com Gayle Miller

    My dear friend Joyce’s husband has been suffering from the exact same brain tumor that felled Senator Kennedy and, in fact, was diagnosed before the Senator! He is still walking around, driving his granddaughter to school, making the weekly pot of chili, and raising a Great Dane puppy that was given him for Christmas and now weighs close to 100 pounds at just on 7 months of age. It’s an interesting thing about the infections – Mark had a very serious staph infection that prevented the surgical wound from closing properly and was on IV antibiotics for a couple of weeks. The doctor says that for some peculiar reason, this seems to have improved Mark’s quality and length of life. I prefer to think of the fact that we were storming heaven on his behalf. As we will be storming heaven on Joseph’s behalf!

    God bless you dear Anchoress and keep Buster on the mend. You are both greatly loved by a legion of people who have never even met you!

  • http://victor-undergo.blogspot.com/ Victor

    Life goes on and The Love of God is always with His Children.

    Still praying Anchoress

    God Bless Peace