Hey, Maybe this Recession is Real?

Deacon Greg Kandra is vacationing it up in Orlando, while celebrating his 25th Anniversary with his very beautiful bride, and he sent this picture to me early this morning: Universal Studios at opening — surprisingly empty.

Of course, it could just mean that this is a slow, off-peak time of the year — summer vacations start in a few weeks, after all.

Me, I like an empty park. The fewer crowds, the better, say I! But one does look at that picture and fear a tumbleweed rolling across it.

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  • http://rightasusual.blogspot.com LindaF

    I suspect it’s not just the recession, but the sky-high gas prices that have affected, and will continue to impact theme park attendance this year (and all non-necessary travel plans).

  • Lori

    Either it’s the recession, or Deacon Greg could just be like my dad–who in true military style ordered us all out of bed at the crack of dawn on our long-ago Disney vacation so WE WOULD HAVE FUN, DAGNABIT. We’re the only family I know with photos of Main Street USA virtually empty, because we were nearly the first people through the gates.

  • Dynan

    The drought is real,

    The inflation is real,

    The economy is poorly.

    Life is short. Pray hard.

  • Jeff

    When I went to Disney in Sep 2002 (only a year after 9/11) the parks were empty. We only had to wait at a couple of rides and then no more then 5 minutes. At one point in Epcot, we stepped out of an exhibit and we were the only guests in sight. We thought it was great, but I’m sure Disney execs thought different.

  • Mandy P.

    Well, living in Central Florida, I can confirm that it’s been reported here that park attendance is waaaaay down. Gas is crazy and the prices to get in the parks has increased pretty dramatically over the past few years. Just 6 years ago, we were at Disney and it was $65 per adult for a one day, one park ticket. It’s now $90 for the same ticket. So, with the recession on, it’s not exactly surprising to see the parks empty.

    I will say, though, that opening time is never representative of park attendance for any given day. The parks are ALWAYS empty at opening. They don’t really start picking up until a good hour after they’ve opened.

  • Joseph Marshall

    Of course it is real, Elizabeth. The city school district in my town just cut 296 positions as a response to the elimination of State of Ohio funding upon which they relied. And, since there is no longer any such thing in Ohio as collective bargaining with teachers unions, the teachers themselves were not heard in the matter at all.

    Now the conundrum is: does eliminating 296 more jobs make the recession worse or better?

    It’s a tough one. Which is why I find far fewer straight answers to it than I would like to find on blogs such as yours.

  • newton

    My husband took all this week off.

    Since we cannot afford to pay for a week’s worth of travel for four people to visit our relatives anywhere in the country (gas and plane tickets from Houston to anywhere else are expensive), we opted for a “Stay-cation”.

    We jumped on our inflatable pool with our kids.

    We used our grill and had nice dinners under our canopy.

    We did some errands.

    We dined at our local eateries.

    And tomorrow, we’re going to a museum or two.

    All of that, Good Lord willing, shall be accomplished before my poor husband has to show up at the county courthouse on Monday to report for jury duty, and I face another heart-stopping, hair-raising appointment with my OB-GYN next week.

    So, no, a non-out-of-town vacation doesn’t necessarily have to be boring or accomplish nothing. We just chill! The relatives understand.