How lovely is this?

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  • Fran Rossi Szpylczyn

    Very lovely- thank you!

  • Blue Max

    Charming! And fun to see those many photographs of the area where I once went to school (Salzburg).

    Thanks for posting this!

  • Claire

    Absolutely stunning! I love classical music and pretty castle scenery!

  • cathyf

    Yikes, I hate soprano vibrato even more than “loud woman reporter sing-song” thing.

  • HV Observer

    The irony is that it comes an opera called “The Dead City” (Die Tote Stadt)

  • Ryan Haber

    It is lovely. Thanks. I am lately trying to expand the repertoire of classical and opera with which I am familiar. This will make a nice addition to my MP3 collection.

  • LS

    Salzburg is quite a lovely town. (And Mozart’s birthplace.)

  • Breathtakingly Beautiful

    Anchoress! Thank you for sharing that! There is a tree demolition ongoing beneath my office window for over 5 hours now, and I thought my head would explode (the Fargo-like tree chipper is directly beneath my desk window!). This piece completely shut the world out for the short while it was on. An island of gorgeous sounds. Aahhh. Thank you. Pain relief!

  • ferdigrofe

    I first heard Leontyne Price sing that. The soprano was better than the tenor. Korngold, Jewish, fled Germany and wrote movie music in Hollywood. I believe he wrote Die tote Stadt during his early 20s. Some compared him to Mozart because he he was so young. Die tote Stadt is not performed often. And Korngold was not a Mozart.

  • Bryan

    What an uplifting video! What a pleasant surprise!