Accept Almighty Father – FOUND!

A couple days ago I awoke with my memory ringing back a hymn from my childhood that I had not heard in likely 42 years, and which I could not find on google.

Happily, a twitter-follower, HeyJulieo found the hymn, with the melody I remember, in the 1966 Parish Mass Book – St. Joseph Edition.

Can we please have this wonderful, singable, instructive and reverent hymn back? Please?

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  • Mary

    “O God benign?”

  • Pastor is against hymns like this

    We were told in no uncertain terms this Lent, that there would be NO LATIN in our parish music. What? Really? A few years ago, I sang O Lord I Am Not Worthy. I was nearly tarred and feathered by this same pastor. The message that we are all not worthy is not permitted at our parish I was told (and so was the poor organist who indulged my taste in conscience-building hymnody). We are all worthy in my parish, Anchoress. I guess that is why he saw fit to only offer a half hour of confessions per week at the most gawd-awful time on Sat afternoons. This beautiful hymn you have shared, with words like reparation? I’d be fired. I guess at my parish we’re all immaculately conceived and have no need of guilt-inducing songs to prick already pure (read: dead) consciences.

    Funny thing though, when there is a visiting priest in the box on a weekday, the lines are long and last for hours. Hmmm, could my pastor be missing something?

    I’m going to see if I can slip this one in once in a while when he is away. Who knows? Maybe a soul will be roused to do an examen and refrain from an unworthy communion.

  • Bill

    I’m happy for you, Elizabeth, but nothing can touch “Sons of God”. You can even dance to it!

  • Michael

    Don’t let the medical profession rob you of this word, benign:

    having a kindly disposition; gracious: a benign king.
    showing or expressive of gentleness or kindness: a benign smile.
    favorable; propitious: a series of benign omens and configurations in the heavens.

    At least, according to ;)

  • Beverly Babcock

    Might this be the same J. Mohr?

  • Dynan

    Nice song but I prefer “I am the bread of life”

  • Therese Z

    The first hymn I learned to play on the organ in the 1960′s – in those days, they allowed talented grade-schoolers to play less-popular Masses!

    I am grateful I kept all those purple-ink mimeo-ed copies of the hymns I learned: I can pull them out as proof of the re-wording of some of the classic hymns, removing references to altars and adoration, and of course, inserting “folks” for men.

    Will be stuck in my head all day, but that’s better than “American Pie.”