Someone Feed Adorable Kitty!

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  • quasimodo

    That cat hasn’t missed many meals

  • Terrye

    I have a cat that rolls on her back and shimmies when she wants to be fed…and then she will roll back over and look at you like…Well, where is dinner? I have put on a show and I expect to be fed.

  • Beverly Babcock

    Too cute. I used to have a cat (Nuisance was his name!)….if he didn’t like the can du jour, he would flip over his bowl and then wipe his paws on the kitchen curtains!

  • momor

    ohhh! A kitty with a tin cup.

  • Greta

    The cat reminds me of too many Americans with their tin cup and sad eyes. I bet cats are democrats. Go find some mice cat and do some work for a change.