Ghost Write the Pope, for a Day!

This is strange and wonderful:

Have you ever dreamed of writing one of the Pope’s speeches? If you’re a fan of Vatican Insider, you might have thought once or twice, “I would have said this,” or “I would have said that.”

Now, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation is giving everyone a chance to step into the shoes of the papal ghostwriter and write a speech for Benedict XVI to give to the German Parliament during his visit to Germany next September.

Joseph Ratzinger’s country of birth is already abuzz about his upcoming visit, and Katja Plate, director of the Foundation’s Rome office, believes this is a great opportunity to “earnestly prepare” for the visit.

As she explained to Vatican Radio, “when a loved one comes to visit, we normally prepare for their visit. We started this contest as a kind of intellectual preparation.”

The challenge to become the Pope’s ghost writer for a day is aimed mainly at the theological faculty of German universities, but anyone may present ideas or proposals. However, the organizers warn, only submissions that are in line with the theology, form, and content of the Pope’s thought will be evaluated.

Also, you have to be able to write in German!

Once more, I find myself wishing I were Liz Lemon!

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