Prayers for a First Profession – UPDATED

Sr. Rose Marie, the young Passionist nun who so charmingly invites people to pray about their vocations in this video will be making her first profession of vows tomorrow, with this very joyful community. Let’s pray for her on the eve of her big day!

My understanding is that Passionists take an additional vow — one of enclosure — and that they receive their ring at first profession rather than at final profession. It will be interesting to check the Passionist blog after the event and learn about their rituals.

It is very interesting to me
that their enclosure is demonstrated in chapel, not by grilles but by the water channel you can see at the start of Sister Rose Marie’s video.

The baptismal font is the origin of a water channel flowing down the middle of the nave toward he altar. This provides the material separation necessary to set off the cloistered side of the chapel from the space reserved for guests. The use of baptismal water is a symbol of our oneness in Christ. It shows that although the vocation of the Passionist Nuns sets them apart for the full-time ministry of prayer in a private, cloistered area, they are not cut off from their brothers and sisters in the world.

The design of the water channel permits a more visible presence of the Nuns while safeguarding the privacy of the cloister. It also enables them to invite guests to participate more fully in their liturgical prayer. The water channel is animated by natural light coming from a continuous skylight above.

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UPDATE: Fr. Steve sends news of two Salesian ordinations!

And…84 YEARS in the cloister!

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