Conflicted about Corapi story – UPDATED

I mean, on one hand, I’m really tired of the story, but if I don’t link to the latest I’ll hear “so, the Black Sheepdog (people actually call him that) responded to SOLT, and you didn’t have the guts to link to him!”

And if I do link to him, I’ll hear, “why don’t you stop writing about Corapi and get a life?”

To me, the “special announcement” that was announced a few days ago and has finally dropped is a bit of a yawn-and-shrug; it seems more interesting for what it does not say, and does not address, than what it does.

But I have to be honest, I’m kind of bored to tears with all of this. I’d rather just go listen to this kid, again.

It occurs to me that when it comes to media stories, the worst thing is not to be bad or good, innocent or guilty, but to be boring. But maybe it’s only me. I do have a short attention span.

I’ll link Deacon Greg, who excerpts the latest without comment, and go make some meatloaf for supper.

Everyone managed to keep their heads last time out, and the comments were mostly well-done, so I’ll keep ‘em open this time, too!

Some reactions:
Te Deum Blog: John Corapi’s “non serviam”:

Until there is another official statement from Church authorities on Fr. Corapi, I have no desire to feed the Black Sheep Dog with the attention he desires. I seriously doubt we are going to hear much out of him or the SOLT for a time anyway. It takes time to process paperwork, and that seems to be all that is left to do. I suspect he is going to shift his discussion away from all of this anyway, and into his chosen political sphere. I’d rather focus on God, not the Dog.

I’m in “ditto” mode on all that, especially the political note. I predicted early on in this melodrama that he was going to broaden his audience to attract tea partiers, etc, and he confirmed it when he became the “BSD” out to guard and feed “the entire world.”

Maybe the church got too small for him, and he is looking to fill Glenn Beck’s spot.

Sort of reminds me of Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard: “I AM big! It’s the picture’s that got small!”

Okay, joke aside, what does Corapi mean when he says, “I can not deny this desire to share aspects of Truth and Hope with all those willing to hear.”

Aspects of truth and hope? What is that? Picking and choosing? If you’re talking Christ as Truth, Christ as Hope, there are no “aspects” because Christ IS both truth and hope in totality.

Many others have noted that his statement doesn’t really address the bulk of SOLT’s last statement. I am a little amused that he characterizes their clear statement that they want his obedience as a “suggestion.”

“If I were to commit to the suggestion of the Society, then I would essentially crawl under a rock and wait to die.”

Well, not actually. You would be withdrawing into the desert with Christ. If that’s not an appealing choice, then why not just say you want to throw off the restraints of your priesthood and you know, get on with it?

An I support Bishop Mulvey page on Facebook. Dueling pages? I still say this whole thing is not going to end well.

Mark Shea:
“This is why forgiveness is like quitting smoking…”

Deacon Greg’s quote of the day:
from the Big Dog himself.
Gerard Nadal

Max Lindenman: Corapi is John Galt

In his own mind, Corapi’s John Galt — the hyper-productive citizen who refuses to support a structure he sees as corrupt, effete, and worst of all, oppressive. He seems to want others to see him this way, too. He might not have cited his earning potential in the beginning, but when SOLT mentioned money and assets, it made up the meat of his retort

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  • Deb

    It looks like Father isn’t going to fight it in the media, no mention of charges in his short video on his sight. I don’t think he looks good but I don’t know how he feels.

  • Daniel T


    Bishop Mulvey was appointed only about a year ago and likely didn’t realize when first taking office that he should be concerned about Fr. Corapi. On the other hand, Bishop Gracida was bishop when SOLT passed their constitution, yet allowed Fr. Corapi to live outside the constitution.

  • Greta

    adm..I don’t know a single soul who is taking pleasure in this. This is not good news. But the melodrama factor is off the charts. I agree with Te-Deum blog. At this point, prayers for all concerned. The best thing would be for Corapi to get into the desert with Christ, for a while. That’s good for all of us. But you know, you have to want to be there. -admin

    If one wants to stop posting comments about Father Corapi, not sure what is forcing the issue to continue to come up every other day??? At some point it simply seems like piling on like the media seems to enjoy with Sarah Palin…Of course it does get a lot more comments than any other type of post..Isn’t that what Michael Voris kind of said on his release on all those going after Corapi..that it brought attention and visitor/commentors to their sites…

    [And when I don't write about him, I get people accusing me of being a coward. Some folks are hard to please. Cynicism is a very easy thing to acquire -- and I guess it's an easy charge to make. This blog is pretty well established; Corapian traffic, to be quite honest, is often not worth the headache or the hate mail. But I do write about what people are talking about, what's affecting the church, what's relevant to the day, and for that matter, what is interesting to me. Since I had featured a few of Corapi's videos here (positively) the turn his story has taken is of interest to me. I just watched of Gods and Men, and it actually made me very, very sad for Corapi. Those martyred monks seemed more free, to me, than the man in today's video, and yeah, I prayed for him. Assign any motive you want to me -- make a cynical charge against my motives, if that makes you feel better. You're entitled to your thoughts, and so is everyone else. But as ridiculous as all of this has been, I take no joy in it, and would much prefer that such a story never broke. I don't live for traffic. -admin]

  • elleblue

    Just heard the video from Fr. Corapi and it’s all very sad. What was a private matter between him and his religious community became very public because of his mouth and need for attention.

    He set the situation up so that it was him against the Church. Remember, this is the Chruch he has said he loves above all else! Really! Well I’ll continue to pray for him and all other priests and hope that he goes to therapy, he can certainly afford it!

  • Paul Ben

    Corapi is an excellent example of those who claim to be “Catholics” or “Christians” and in reality, when put to the test, they are anything but. We should actually thank God that he is opening the eyes of many of the members of the clergy -I hope- who are examining their lives and are trying to be honest with themselves because of the Corapi case, deciding whether they should leave or continue serving God and His Church. Honesty, humility and charity are what Christianity is all about. You don’t have them? You’re not a Christian, let alone a priest.

  • FoolishMortal

    @jcd…the Weird Al video was genius! =:o]

  • James

    Corapi didn’t look well in that last video and his thoughts seem to be redundant and rambling. And if you watch his very last expression at the last few seconds of the tape, I think you’ll see a man who is in great inner turmoil. I’m praying for you John. Search your heart, search your soul. Walk away from all your trappings and return home to the solace of your community. Please.

    “For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be.” -Matthew 6:21

    [yes, I noticed those last few seconds, too. broke my heart. -admin]

  • Klaire

    Speaking of “what wasn’t said”, perhaps the “professional catholic bloggers” should take a good lesson from Scott Hahn, who said, NOT A WORD about Father Corapi, but suspect he prays/prayed deeply for him, forever respecting the deserved reverence ALL priests deserve.

  • Emeralds

    The days of keeping one’s mouth shut about the bad behavior of a priest due to some misguided notion that one must have reverence for the man rather than the office are long gone.

    See Maciel saga for any questions.

  • sj

    We should be restrained in yapping about anybody’s bad behavior out of respect for human dignity — both that of the person we are discussing and our own.

    Observations that are pertinent to establishing a necessary truth are another matter.

  • Joe


    Not one blogger would have said a word about this were not for Corapi’s own actions. Corapi has a blog presence. He has two Facebook pages that are his. He is on Twitter. Anything that came out came from him first.

    *Please* understand that.

    And Scott Hahn is not a current events/blogger kind of guy. He is a Scripture scholar who never comments on current events anyway.

  • friscoeddie

    Fr Corapi went to the FBI as an informer and collected $2.7 million ‘finders fee’ exposing corruption in medical practice. When he is being chased as many will do he will revert to where he made a score in his past. . All those in the Church who have something to hide better be on guard. BSDs can bite back on whoever they think deserves it.

  • Toni, Akron, Ohio

    I WAS a Fr. Corapi follower. I AM a Tea Party activist.

    I don’t think the Tea Party is going to embrace the like of John Corapi.

    Fr. Corapi yes. Past tense that is.

    Black Sheep dog – tragic.

  • Kate

    A couple of days ago, I was happy that SOLT had finally made things clear, that Father Corapi’s con artistry had been limited. But I have to admit, watching the video, I felt terribly, terribly sad for him and for what he has become–like a lost sheep in sight of the black wolf, and far from the Shepherd. And the last downward cast of his eyes–it just freaked me out. God help him.

  •!/pages/I-support-Bishop-Mulvey/131816683565868 Jeff Thompson

    Hello ,
    I noticed you linked to the facebook page that I started a few weeks back ” I support Bishop Mulvey ” . Let me explain why I created the page . When this story broke a while back I noticed on the fan pages of Fr. Corapi and as well Black Sheepdog many many posts that were calling Bishop Mulvey and other Bishops such vile and truly disgusting things . This honestly angered me because it was my understanding that we as Catholics are to support our Bishops and not vilify them .The behavior reminded me much of what I experianced the 9 years I was a Baptist Minister . ( I am as of now undergoing entry into the Church ) I had to ask myself are these Catholics or Baptists becasue this type of behavior is surely reminding me of how I , We acted toward those in authority etc . So with that in mind I created the page to have a place were people could show there support . Since I have made the page I have been accused of being many people ( the accuser , some apologists etc ) Now myself I have mainly just posted articles detailing the case , some mentioning Bishop Mulvey and his good track record , encouragment for prayer for those involved etc . We have had some inapropriate behavior , on both sides , and well ,some have had to be banned due to that , but let me state clearly I did not make the page to be a dueling page to Fr. Corapi’s page , it simply is a page to allow individuals to show there support for the Church ( esp. Bishop Mulvey ) at this time . Thank you for allowing me to post and I pray that this sad sad episode may come to a good end .

    Jeff Thompson
    Killeen , Tx
    Member at ST. PAUL CHONG HASANG Harker Heights ,Tx

  • Paul Ben

    For all of you who are fooled by Corapi’s act, I suggest you leave God alone and if you really are good sheep, i.e. followers of that guy, you should ask him to…REPENT. Then if God sees that he’s being honest, He might forgive him. Right now, as I see it, Corapi is possessed by Lucifer and his biggest sin, the most important one, the Biblical, Original sin that started it all is PRIDE.

  • kris

    47 sj
    Corapi wasn’t the only victim of this doctor and the others who cooperated with the scam. He had to be stopped. It was quite an operation in more ways than one.

  • Deirdre Mundy

    This cajun meatloaf recipe is also to die for (I use the extra tabasco at the end) The kids love it, and even though I’m not usually a meatloaf person, this packs the oomph I need!

    When I’m being REALLY evil, though, I substitute Italian Sausage for the pork. :)

    Oh yeah…Corapi… Blah, Blah….. Bad…. Blah…Blah… Self-centered preaching….. blah..blah…

    Honestly, all this makes me crave a hearty dose of Servant of God Fulton Sheen.

  • sj

    kris — I agree. I hope there wasn’t anything in #47 that suggested the law suit wasn’t meritorious. I read Coronary over the past two days and, as a health lawyer as well as someone interested in Fr. Corapi, I found it fascinating.