Smokin' Hot Brandon MacFarlane

When Michael Jackson was about 11 years old, he recorded a staggeringly mature, prodigiously musical vocal of Who’s Loving You? and I thought I’d never hear another kid who could open up and sing with that sort of soul-stirring freedom.

Then I heard my son Buster blasting this from across the house. I thought he’d been listening to one of his favorite gospel singers, and I assumed this was a much older artist. Wow. Right up there with what Jackson managed — he is completely at ease, completely free and totally given over to his song. A rare talent, this Brandon MacFarlane. Enjoy!

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  • Gave Me Chills

    Well shoot fire! That was unexpected in my day and zany week. Sittin’ here covered in chills from that child’s voice and enjoyment of his own expressiveness. The message of the song is also worth noting and he seems to get it or else is a very very good little mimick. Bless him. Hope all that powerful blasting does not prematurely wear out his instrument. God given at that. Thanks, Buster for turning that one up so your mom could share with us. Keep ‘em coming.


  • Matt

    “Who taught you melisma”?

    Who taught the old guy Gregorian chant terms?

  • Karen LH
  • Adrienne

    Just made me cry my eyes out…Not only does he bring it home as we like to say in the hood…But the words, well is there anything better than Jesus!…Is there…God bless and keep…Thanks for that one Anchoress…Beautiful!

  • Adrienne

    that should have read “God bless and keep that young man”…My eyes or blurry…Please forgive me…Amen!

  • Stan Beck

    What a fine mentor in the guitar store guy.