Sarah Palin, Centerfold

My column at First Things. You know I can’t stand it when people get stupidly unfair and abusive:

American’s sad ideological balkanization is most obviously exposed for the sickness it is whenever this woman’s name is mentioned. Thanks to cable news and the social media echo-chambers that invite us to pledge allegiance to a stark perspective and then hiss “enemy” at anyone who thinks differently, Americans are being conditioned to absorb The Daily Outrage on cue; we are one nation, quite divided, with reactionary hyperventilation for all.

And if the nation is becoming addicted to hysteria porn, its centerfold is Sarah Palin.

I know this because of a Facebook thread begun by a friend. She had linked without comment to Newsweek’s latest Palin cover—a rather unflattering, harshly-lit image of the former governor, arms akimbo and wearing the sort of shapeless and unmemorable henley hoodie that women wear when they’re running to the grocer’s and don’t much care how they look.

The very first comment on the picture—from a “liberal” who might be supposed to know better than to objectify women and whom, one presumes, considers himself a free-thinker—went like this: HAHAHAHHAAAAA Keep flashing those boobs, Sarah!

You can read the rest, here! And leave a comment. I expect there will be heated exchanges.

The Hotness Gap?

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  • Liz

    I’m naturally small and busty – so it shows far more than with Palin – and the kind of comments you describe make me want to spit nails. Sometimes you need to look at context, realise that there’s only going to be sex if you put it there, and grow the frak up. The moment she poses for Playboy, I will (1) rush to buy my copy and (2) agree with that person. As it is, she looks perfectly appropriate.

  • SCSoxFan

    Hi, Liz. May I compliment you on an excellent comment, and say Hail and Welcome to another fan of Battlestar Galactica (those of you who are also fans know how I recognized her as one. Those that aren’t fans — c’est la vie).

  • DWiss

    Here’s some gasoline for the fire:

    It is my opinion, formed from long experience in corporate business situations, that most men cannot deal with attractive women as peers or superiors. It goes back to the question posed in the movie When Harry Met Sally: Can men and women be friends, or does sex get in the way? In most situations, sex gets in the way.

    Elizabeth’s example from Facebook is a perfect example. That photo of Sarah Palin is not provocative. It’s a crappy snapshot, at best. But what the man took from it was that Sarah was flaunting her boobs. C’mon.

    Simply, men need to stop thinking of every attractive woman that they see as a potential conquest, which means growing up and leaving behind the adolescent urge to guffaw and grab their crotches every time one walks in the room. (For those of us who are married, that’s a sin, by the way, according to Jesus, who knew a thing or two about the matter.)

    Of course, it has to frost certain people that all the attractive female politicians are conservative while the liberals are…well, never mind.

  • kelleyb

    I think the left would be happier if all conservative “Sarah” types were forced to don burkas and be muzzled with duct tape. Better to objectify these women at every opportunity than to engage in real discussions. Jonathon Capehart of the WaPo especially culpable of this in his latest

  • Logan

    Liz and DWiss don’t seem to understand male sexuality.

    “Simply, men need to stop thinking of every attractive woman that they see as a potential conquest” – DWiss

    Simply? Not so simple, DWiss. Men are attracted by the visual. God hard-wired us this way. Let me tell you, it really is not pleasant being a male sometimes. It’s a struggle to control our thoughts and sexual desires.

    I see that Newsweek cover and do you know what I see? Boobs. Yup, and 99% of red-blooded males see the same thing.

    Is that virtuous? Of course not. A little understanding from women would be nice, though.

    Just as an aside, let me quote Dennis Prager: The idea that male and female sexuality is the same is something so stupid that it could only be taught in graduate school.

  • Kris, in New England

    I like Sarah Palin; she is plain-spoken at a time when double-speak has morphed into triple-speak. I do not, however, believe she is Presidential material. Quite frankly I think she can do more for the Republican Party behind-the-scenes.

    The evisceration of Ms. Palin – and her family – was nothing short of one of the most shameful acts on the part of the MSM that I’ve ever seen. She is perceived as a threat when, in fact, she has done everything that the feminist movement will have you believe a woman should do: she is smart, articulate, successful and happily married with beautiful children.

    Sarah Palin’s big mistake was doing all that and being – gasp – conservative at the same time. She didn’t abort Trig which was an even bigger sin.

    One of my closest and dearest friends is a die-hard liberal – and she consistently says that Sarah Palin is stupid. One of these days I will risk our friendship by asking her how someone who went to college, was elected Mayor of her hometown and then was elected Governor of her state – could be considered stupid.

    Sarah Palin has accomplished more than many of the liberals who hate her. And therein lies the ugly truth … jealousy.

  • DWiss


    I understand male sexuality very well. The reason is, I’m male. Have been for a long time. I know what the inclination is.

    The point of my comment is that giving in to the inclination makes it more difficult to live a real, productive life in the real world when half the people you meet are just two boobs.

    Get over it, Logan.

  • Terrye

    I am not as big a fan of Sarah Palin as I once was. That does not mean I dislike her or anything. I just am not as impressed as I used to be. To some extent, I think she has cultivated a following for the sake of self promotion. But that is not a crime and she certainly is not some dangerous fanatic and it seems downright absurd to make an issue of every image out there of her.

    I liked your column..especially the following phrase: Thanks to cable news and the social media echo-chambers that invite us to pledge allegiance to a stark perspective and then hiss “enemy” at anyone who thinks differently, Americans are being conditioned to absorb The Daily Outrage on cue; we are one nation, quite divided, with reactionary hyperventilation for all.

  • Dan R

    Really, Logan? I’m a man, and I didn’t see it that way. I mean, it’s not like she’s emphasizing her breasts in this photo. In fact, it’s rather unflattering from that perspective.

    What could the photographer or Mrs. Palin have done to avoid having you notice just her “boobs?”

  • dry valleys

    Murdoch is more of a story, surely? I don’t know if you’ve been following but the deeds are foul beyond belief, and it’s facile to say that the fish doesn’t stink from the head downwards. The phone hacking has been a story for years, but hardly anyone cared. I was one of the few who considered it worth following up and was sneered at for my pains, as were the few good journalists like Nick Davies and politicians such as Bryant, Watson, and certain Liberal Democrats (who try to be decent and occasionally succeed but are fatally undermined by their belief in neoliberalism).

    Palin is reasonably attractive, but not so much as Tina Fey’s imitation of her, and I know much better looking women in real life. I don’t have any particular sexual thoughts because Palin herself leaves me unmoved. She doesn’t make me angry either, because I don’t really view her as a serious mover at all.

    Yes, you do notice these things, even a simpering 21st century new “man” like me :) But it’s never influenced my judgment of a woman’s worth or lack thereof. I work just as well with colleagues and superiors I find attractive and those I don’t. I suppress my desire to gaze at tits all day because if I did that I’d have no job at all, and what woman likes that? With relationships, a pretty face will get me to notice a girl but I need a lot more than that to have a real interest.

    BTW, did you hear Hemant Mehta has become a member of Patheos? I don’t know if you’ve heard of him but I’ve been reading his blog for some time, I appreciate it a great deal. Not sure of how the mechanism of his interaction with other Patheos contributors would work but it’s quite interesting.

    Certainly it’s possible to have fruitful conversations with people of opposing views- I should hope I’m doing that now!

  • dry valleys

    TLDR- probably best to skip the whole thing really :)

    I’m fresh from reading the original column.
    This liberal said he would treat Palin in a different way to someone like Kirkpatrick. Well, wasn’t Kirkpatrick a right-winger? It seems what he was saying is that he’d engage repctfully with serious people even if they disagreed with his views but he views Palin as unserious.

    He may not have used the wisest choice of words ever but doesn’t reflect “balkanisation” because he isn’t against Palin’s conservatism, he is against the fact that she is basically the focus of an identity politics movement from people who think what she supposedly represents is more important than her policies and ability or lack thereof to implement them.

    When you look at someone like Thatcher, my opposition to what she and her successors did deepens every day. (So much for people moving right as they get older!) Yet I acknowledge her intelligence, hard work, and thoroughness. I just think her ideology was wrong.

    The attacks on Palin seem to me to be more reflections on her shallowness (no one ever called Thatcher shallow, btw) and pursuit of celebrity status rather than anything else. Any time she wants to be taken seriously she knows what to do, if she is capable of it, but I haven’t seen any sign of her moving on from that Katie Couric interview, which is not acceptable for someone who aspires to high office in this day and age.

  • ErikZ

    “Stupid” is shorthand for “I dismiss that person out of hand”

    …most men cannot deal with attractive women as peers or superiors.

    Well, yes. If you act like a man and try to take the lead (Romantically), they’re not your peer or superior anymore. But they are your peer or superior at work.

    And you don’t want Men to squash that impulse. It really messes them up.

  • Kathy Schiffer

    I get it– You’re a man and when you look at a woman, all you see is boobs. I, being a woman, should “show you a little understanding.”

    EXCUSE ME! I’m a woman, and when you look at me, you should show me a little respect.

  • Kfutterer

    I can think of a number of busty women who instill more respect than Sarah Palin. I’m thinking of Angela Merkel, the German chancellor or Hilary Clinton. Admittedly, nothing is wrong with the picture, but neither A. nor H. would pose in the manner Sarah Palin has on this photograph. However, both command respect because of the work they are doing, and because they are able to make a coherent (political) argument. There are plenty of women from all walks of life, of whom the same can be said.

    Not so of Palin, who is doing everything to ensure that media attention is sustained and thus the potential for income from media ventures.

  • Pink Butterfly

    I find it amusing that no one has mentioned the fact that Sarah’s boobs go from flat chested to full busted. Seems she always manages to get the blow-up bra on when she wants men (BOOBS) to see her boobs.

  • AmberRoses

    Cheers! There will always be asexual people out there, or those that have damaged their sex drive with some pretty harsh delusions of what they should be. But the fact comes down to you’re correct in a general way. Men are stimulated by visual stimulus. It is a choice to act upon it, true, but the first reaction to the correct body type is automatic arousal of some level. It’s just the body. Men who say different are often in denial or mentally scarred. That’s not attack, it’s just how things more than often are. There are always exceptions.

    Women don’t see it that way though, and never will (unless you get a bi chick) They get it more by the idea of romance, strength, emotional attachment, so they have a hard time understanding why you can’t just ignore it. Which is why women such as Katie above me, harp and screech about getting shown respect and not being seen as an object.

    But just because men are turned on by visuals…it doesn’t mean that they can’t see past it. It just means they have to work at it. It’s no different than if an attractive guy helps a lady out a few times she’ll get a crush that she has to keep in check. Or that ladies need to stop pressuring their men to be able to turn off their sex drive like women can. Or expecting them to be romantic but macho all at once.

    And biology can still fit into faith, one just has to accept it and work with it…rather than trying to fit themselves into a box that’s the wrong shape and two sizes too small.

  • pandora

    I’m a 52 year old, straight, grandma who has no desire for sex. When I look at that photo, all I see are boobs.

  • fiestamom

    Someday, an unbiased (ha ha) researcher will have to do a study on what happened with Sarah Palin. Maybe 50 years from now?

    I know liberals who just *know* with every fiber of their being that Sarah Palin is an idiot. End.of.story. When I ask them why, they have all mentioned the “I can see Russia from my house” comment. (Yes I know it was Tina Fey who said that).

    In my little universe, the liberals that hate her the most went to Ivy League schools, or private schools, like Old Dominion or Wake Forest. I’m pretty sure that all of these people get their news from the New York Times, the 3 networks, and CNN. I think it’s impressive that she went from the PTA to mayor to governor. But I only went to a state school…

    I wish she would run, I would vote for her. My vote would be half and half. By that I mean, half FOR her, and half AGAINST the liberal media that keeps trying to destroy her.

  • virago

    I think Sarah Palin is great; boobs or no boobs, she is a great looking real woman.

    And do ya think she chose the photo? well, probably some of you do. It is an interesting observation so many of you who comment positively on the photo feel they have to say they aren’t really a fan of hers.

    And to reference Logan’s quote of Prager’s; I would add that is an idea that would originate in an ivy-league grad school.

    For the woman who have commented she only see boobs, whaaat?

    To restate firmly; I love Sarah Palin but, then, again, what do I know? I a fly-over baby stuck in a intolerant leftist city (Seattle).

    [I think it is an exceedingly unflattering photo. Her jaw looks as large as her forehead. -admin]

  • LisaB

    I hope she runs for president. When the post is about Sarah Palin the comment sections of blogs are more entertaining that prime time TV!

    Yesterday Obama said:”“So, when you hear folks saying ‘Well, the president shouldn’t want massive job killing tax increases when the economy is this weak.’ Nobody’s looking to raise taxes right now. We’re talking about potentially 2013 and the out years.”

    In other words… job killing taxes in ’13. Folks, it doesn’t matter who the Republican nominee is in ’12 – ABO – Anybody But Obama.

  • Mandy P.

    “It is my opinion, formed from long experience in corporate business situations, that most men cannot deal with attractive women as peers or superiors. ”

    More fuel for the fire:

    Most women can’t handle attractive women as superiors or peers, either. And I’m saying that as a woman.

  • virago

    I’m not commenting on the classical aesthetics of her face; but her spirit comes clear through. At least she’s not romping bare chested on some Hawaiian beach (LOL).

    To Mandy P.; to the comment about women handling other women who happen to be attractive: DITTO!!

  • James

    (dry valleys wrote – “The attacks on Palin seem to me to be more reflections on her shallowness”)

    Perhaps you weren’t aware of the shallow, teleprompter-reading empty-suit who currently occupies The White House?

    He campaigned on truly “profound” concepts like these little jewels of wisdom: “Hope And Change” and “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for” and “lipstick on a pig”.

    This is a guy who’s rhetorical skills are such, that he actually has to use a teleprompter in private cabinet meetings.

    This is a guy who’s “intellect” and academic “achievements” are so profound, that he has refused to release any of his academic records.

    This is a guy who (in an international speech) actually thought “Austrian” was a language.

    This is a guy who claimed he was born as a result of the Selma Civil Rights march- which happened 4 years AFTER his birth.

    This is a guy who seems to think that Navy Corpsman is actually pronounced Navy “Corpse-man”.

    Yes, let’s talk shallowness….shall we?

  • charlotte

    I hear you, pandora. I’m a 37 yr. old straight female mother of two; when I look at the picture, I see boobs. Not because she’s a woman, and not because she’s Palin, but because her posture is “shoulders back, chest out” and the top she’s wearing, while not skin tight, is fitted enough to be figure revealing.
    I have no particular axe to grind against Palin. I wouldn’t vote for her, but that’s because of her limited knowledge and lack of curiosity, not because I believe she has sub-par intelligence. And I do think someone who spends as much time complaining about the “lamestream” media as she does should make an effort to look a bit more professional for a national magazine photo shoot.

  • Logan

    Nice post AmberRoses. I agree.

    As you pointed out, both sexes have their struggles. Women with their emotions and men with aggressive behavior and sexual nature. And both sexes should try to help the other starting by “understanding”. But neither side really understands the other.

  • Logan

    One last thing.

    It seems clear to me that Newsweek cover is meant to be sexually charged. I am not sure how some of the posters above don’t see that. I truly don’t.

  • CorrineK

    Fiestamom….Liberals aren’t destroying Sarah Palin. She destroys her credibility every time she opens her lying mouth. And Really….you’d vote for a woman who says “GOTCHA” questions are “What magazines and newspapers do you read?” and the latest from her ungodly Paul Revere gaffe was “What will you take away from your visit here?” She said they were both Gotcha questions.

    Everything is “GOTCHA” to Palin unless it’s scripted…and oh yes, she uses a teleprompter all the time when she’s giving speeches. You can see them reflected in the glasses she doesn’t need but wears because “they make her look smarter”….that came from her own mother. The only thing that would make Sarah Palin look smarter is if she’d keep that fool mouth shut once in awhile. SCREEEEEECH

  • Mandy P.


    The only reason it’s “sexually charged” is because she’s beautiful. Hillary Clinton posed like that would not be considered sexually charged by anyone because she’s not attractive. How are they supposed to make her look anything but sexy when that is how she naturally looks? Should we have her start wearing a burka perhaps?

  • Rachael

    Its not that she is attractive (although she is). Its her fitted, casual shirt and her posture- shoulders way back, boobs way out. I’m a 29 year old female with no particular view of her and all I see are boobs. Being a woman, I know how to get people to notice my boobs and so does she. I also see a woman who is showing off her boobs and daring you to call her out on it so she can call you sexist. Pretty smart, when you think about it- its a win-win for her. But, she is irrelevant politically.

  • CV

    It’s not the first time Newsweek has done this. There was a previous Palin cover, a full body shot, in which she was also wearing tight, short running clothes.

    These are the same people who would preach against the notion of “objectifying” women, except when it suits their political purposes, of course.

    And of course, those who champion women’s equality would never, ever push the stereotype that an attractive woman in tight clothing is stupid, would they? No, that would be wrong and unfair! No, women are smart and capable until they dare to join the “wrong” political party. Then they immediately transform into “stupid” and are fair game.

    It’s so hard to keep up these days.

    Newsweek jumped the shark when they “came out” as a liberal rag with their redesign a couple of years ago. So glad my subscription ended around the same time.

  • Logan

    Should we have her start wearing a burka perhaps?-Mandy
    Perhaps we could shoot for more modesty in female fashions. Western women would have a long, long, way to go before burka territory.

    And yeah Mandy, it’s sexally charged because an attrative woman is wearing tight clothing with the curves of her breasts clearly visible. Not that complicated.

    One last point, women help men out by dressing modestly. Most women have no idea of the impact on men by what they wear. No clue. Why would they? They’ve been taught by babyboomers and the current crappy education system that men are hairy women – and masculinity is a problem to be “solved”.

  • Mutnodjmet

    It is as I always say: What people say about Palin now tells me more about them than it tells me about her.

    One small note: You cannot automatically assume a negative comment about Palin comes from a liberal/leftist. Romney, Palwenty and other establishment-oriented Republicans have their own comment response teams on the Internet adding sexist, putrid comments, too. Palin is a target of both sides of the establishment aisle.

  • Greta

    On her worst day, she looks amazing, especially if you compare who to the democrats liberal babes in congress. I have to laugh at how they keep running around trying to make Michelle Obama as a fashion queen or good looking. I have yet to see a model look anything like her or for them to wear the type clothes she wears. I have yet to hear her saying anything smart, yet they keep saying Michelle is so smart.

    Prediction.. this newsweek is one of the biggest sellers purchased by supporters of Sarah and the Palin haters as well. Smart move by a magazine that is 99% of the time worthless. Sarah in 12

  • Gunny Ed

    Hey when I see Sarah, I think of Chesty Puller.. at the Frozen Chozon he said “we are not surrounded, we are fighting in reverse. ” Frankly the most flattering picture I have seen of her is when she was pulling trammel nets and catching salmon with Todd on her boat. There is something about a yellow rain suit that just makes me crazy. All jokes aside, when I read as many of her released emails as I could, my faith in her was completely reinforced. She is a hard working woman with natural leadership and executive ability. She knows how to run an office and still take care of her family. She has principal and a servants heart. She is also an attractive healthy person. If she wants to go to war to help us overcome this latest tragedy, I am ready to follow. I think she would be one of the best COs I have ever had.

  • Lauretta

    When I think of the average woman that I see on the street today and how she dresses, the idea that Sarah Palin is “showing off her boobs” in this picture is laughable to say the least. There is not one centimeter of cleavage or any other part of her breast showing which is not true of 80% of women, young and old, on the street. Her shirt is not tight by today’s standards at all.

    I see a woman who is self-confident, comfortable in her own skin, and ready to tackle whatever might be put before her. The look she has is one that I could see her having after a day of hard physical labor on her husband’s fishing boat. It is a country(rural) look, a pose you would see from a woman who is used to physical labor, pulling her share of the load with the men in whatever task they are undertaking.

    The manner in which the media and others have treated Sarah Palin and her family is deplorable. The venomous attacks are impossible to understand when compared to the way other political candidates are treated. No one has mentioned our current vice-president who sticks his foot in his mouth every time he opens it. Not to mention Nancy Pelosi who seems mentally unbalanced to me. They have provided much more material for derision and commentary than Sarah Palin has ever said or done.

  • NadineLynn

    I’m female and the first thing I thought when I saw the cover was: FLASHING BOOBS! Do you not realize that the understated Henley shirt is also the Just Been F* look? The cover and the other pics were all CLASSIC PLAYBOY POSES. I work in visual arts; I’ve studied these things and produced them, also–the one in the field look like an old Barbi Benton (Hef’s old Gf) photo, only with clothes. If she wanted to look more Classic rather than Sexy, she would have sported other outfits and poses. She has plenty of expensive attrative suits. What you are failing to register is that Sarah Palin knows how to use her Sex and than rants when she is called on it (also part of her strategy). There were articles on how she’d say to Todd or the Kids, when she wanted to get something done down at the Alaska Legislature, “Well, I’m going to show some T&A so I can get what I want,” and then she’d doll up accordingly. Don’t be naive. This is not a judgment, but observational fact. If woman have it, they use it, if they have that bent. As for Logan, I agree with him. Other men may repress, but it’s in the animal nature of us humans to find attractive people attractive. I’m registered Independent, so don’t go labeling me right or left.

  • Kelly Parker

    What so many people overlook… this woman is NOT attractive to many men. There is a large number of us who think she is VERY unattractive. Beauty to anyone with intelligence is more than skin deep. Not only does she exhibit poor taste in the way she dresses, the minute she opens her mouth she starts to look ugly. She is rude, inconsiderate, arrogant, and nasty. She cannot take responsibility for her own ignorance, but is quick to take credit for things she never really accomplished on her own. I truly feel sorry for her and think she needs serious counseling. I feel more sorry for people who are sucked into the mystique. This woman truly has nothing to offer our country; all she has done so far is suck money from the faithful, support candidates who were going to win anyway (taking credit for herself of course), and use her PAC almost entirely for her own benefit. Sad, but… also very sick. She bitches about the media, but the media is responsible for propping her up. Get a clue, people!!

  • gene

    Dry Valley!! Your post was fairly interestng until you said you don’t think of Sarah Palin as a serious mover.
    If you want anyone to take you seriously, you might do some research and rethink your position on that one.
    Ask all those people in Congress she helped get elected if they think she’s a “serious mover.”

  • Mandy P.


    Now I get it! She’s supposed to wear a mu-mu.

    Seriously, that shirt is fitted, NOT tight. There is a difference. The reality here is that if she were really looking for these photos to be sexual she could have easily done so by wearing something skin tight and showing some cleavage. She’s wearing a hoodie. Not exactly a “sexually charged” clothing choice.

    If we’re at a point where men can’t handle seeing any kind of curves on a woman and we need to be wearing tents buttoned up to the chin so that we might not tempt the male mind then we have a serious problem and it isn’t with Sarah Palin.

  • CV

    One other thing. This particular photo was selected by Newsweek and cropped within an inch of its life. There is not a thing wrong with what Palin is wearing, but the decision was made (not by Palin) to select and crop it in such a manner that it emphasized what the editors/designer wanted to emphasize.

    Every magazine cover sends a message and supports the story that they want to tell. In this case, the subliminal message was, “hey everyone, this stupid–not to mention dangerous–bimbo is determined to win and beware she just might.”

    I recall a feature about Bush administration officials in Vanity Fair a few years back. Every photo they ran of the major players (Bush, Rove, Condi Rice, etc.) was cropped as a full-page, close-up head shot. Nothing was airbrushed out….every wrinkle, mole, flaw was emphasized…which was the whole idea of course. To make each of them look as exposed and unattractive as possible.

    [That's why I called this shot unflattering of her, too. They've done nothing to soften her look -- the stark lighting and angle really make her jawline seem huge and almost monsterously identical in size to her forehead. That's all I see when I look at this pic. Not boobs, JAWS.-admin]

  • sj

    That’s you, Admin (who sees “jaws” first). I’m a male and I did notice the chest first. Admittedly, the outfit is not especially attractive and does look something like the proverbial burlap sack. This discussion does remind me of Althouse and her “Jessica Valenti breast controversy” in which Althouse focused on the particular posture of one blogger. Certainly many of Palin’s past supporters have seen her physical attributes as part of her appeal (see Rich Loery, for example.) Be that as it may, Palin is hot and it’s too bad I don’t share many political positions with her.

    Contrary to many commenters, I do find many liberal women to be quite attractive as well so I can have my cake and eat it too.

  • Doc

    Sarah Palin in a burka would still have pretty eyes. Logan, just guessing, but Sonja Sotomayor in that same outfit and same pose would not provoke the same reaction in you. And I’m sure she has a bigger chest than Palin. A woman’s beauty starts above the neck, and Palin looks good even when the photographer and editor try to make her look worse.

    Yes, Sarah quit, but she accomplished quite a bit for her state in 2 and a half years. She calculated that the political attacks and phony ethics charges would harm Alaska. She wanted to make a bunch of money and refused to do it like most corrupt politicians, using their office to enrich themselves (see Hillary and Obama bending Senate book-publishing rules to maximize their upfront fee). Liberals hate her because she refused to cooperate in their wish to have a stationary target.

    As Obama descends into a swamp of lies (knowing the corporate media will cover for him and attack the opposition) I’ll take the Instapundit approach: I’d vote for a syphillitic camel over this president.

  • Cheryl

    Sarah knows what she is doing-kind of leaving it up to you to think whatever you want-but of course she will argue if you suggest she is showing off!

    I have read the positive and negative books about her and I am certain the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

    Men are men and attractive women will always get their attention…my concern is that in this country as you can tell by the “attention” Palin gets when she is in the public eye image means more than substance.

    If it weren’t for her “looks” I am certain after Obama’s win in ’08 she would have faded into the sunset.

    The press and her desire for attention and those pulled in by her charisma and beauty have kept her the most talked about person-and she loves it!

    Now can we get back to the more serious issues of this faultering country?

  • Sheena

    I see an awful lot of boobs just in this thread of comments, myself.

    Seriously, yes, maybe Palin could’ve worn a somewhat looser shirt. But much looser and she’d cross the line from “casual” into “sloppy” and nobody wants that. The woman has large breasts; they are going to be “obvious” in anything other than a jacket or something extremely loose. Women have breasts. DEAL WITH IT.

    And seriously, Logan, do your mother, sister, wife, daughters, aunts, etc. all look like just a pair of breasts to you? That must be a terrible way to go through the world; you must miss out on an awful lot. You have my deepest sympathies about your affliction.

  • Logan

    Wow, Sheena. Wow.

    I write a few things about how women dress and the effect on men, and I read a creepy (with incestuous innuendo), sanctimonious, sarcastic comment. You must be exceedingly proud of your wit.

    You, Sheena, are a perfect example of why men don’t open up to women about their sexual natures. You mock, rather than try to understand or empathize.

    “DEAL WITH IT” is not argumentation, by the way. It just showcases a weak mind.

    Thanks for your sympathies, Sheena. I return the same to your husband.

  • Anne

    “Do you not realize that the understated Henley shirt is also the Just Been F* look?”

    WHAT THE HECK?? I have a several Henley shirts, and never thought of them as particularly sexy. They are an upgraded T-shirt, really.

    You frighten me.

  • Mary De Voe

    I see that Newsweek cover and do you know what I see? Boobs. Yup, and 99% of red-blooded males see the same thing.

    Is that virtuous? Of course not. A little understanding from women would be nice, though.

    LOGAN is glad that he is not virtuous and does not intend to be virtuous so I better understand. Man is the glory of God and woman is the glory of man. Degrading woman does not uplift man. How poverty stricken is that? Any wonder that we as a nation are in economic decline? When a woman has to neuter herself to be acceptable to some men, there is no bottom to that abyss. Chivalry? Decency? Virginity anyone?

  • Mary De Voe

    Aren’t women’s breasts filled with the milk of human kindness, the first place children turn to in times of hurt and since birth, the first place babes turn to for nourishment? If one is tormented by the sight of a woman or her breasts, instead of praising God for His wonderful creation, I understand, and what I understand is our culture is pornographied, over sexed, and over indulged, but you will get no sympathy from me.

  • Logan

    Hey Mary De Voe,

    Read again what I wrote above you dolt. And how the *^@! do you know what is in my heart concerning virtue, jerk.

    Goodness – there are some sanctimonius dimwits on this thread who merely love a chance to lecture holiness.

    You’ll find, Mary De Voe, that if you read some Catholic Apologetics on Male sexuality, you just might get the drift of what I was saying above.

    BTW, breasts are supposed to be attractive to men! Read the Song of Solomon! Sigh. Another example of a clueless woman. Don’t understand male nature, don’t wish to. Just mock it, look down on it, and get the vapors over it.


    [Do I actually have to tell grown ups writing on a comments thread about name-calling? I think this conversation is exhausted and the thread will close-admin]

  • Logan

    I am starting to realize why Catholics have got a bad reputation on sex. Reading the comments above (with some notable exceptions which were very instructive), I see an obvious lack of wisdom.

    I fear people like Mary De Voe trying to articulate the beauty and logic of Catholic sexual doctrine to an unbeliever with any clarity or compassion. Based on the above, that would be a joke.

    I come to this site to learn. I am probably one of the least knowledgeable people on this thread. But it appears some come only to showcase their wit and holiness.