Retreat Continues…

Well, I suppose this was a poor idea; I thought I could simply do my Patheos editing stuff and then not blog and that would give me an appropriate sort of retreat, but here it is, nearly 2PM, and I haven’t even said my office yet, so busy have I been.

So, at-home retreats…they don’t always work; the withdrawal from this devil’s own instrument must be complete or the result is less than satisfying.

But I press onward. My editing for the week is done — you’ll notice on the landing page, however, that some titles are updating while others are not; we’re having some technical mishaps that should soon be ironed out.

Some reading recommends before I disappear again:

Not to be a downer, but: I am sad to see this day. I’ve been sad to see a lot of days, lately

I’ve been ranting for a little while that we need a singable Gloria, and lo, here are some new settings meant for the new missal translation. What do you think?

If you’re having trouble catching up with God — he is mercifully waiting for you

The Concord Pastor: A Prayer for a Hot Summer’s Day

If the summer heat is making you feel too soggy to read: Julie Davis has a TV recommendation that you can catch up with online!

“We don’t grow Catholics in Arkansas” was the refrain in the 19th Century: Pat McNamara has the whole story

I think a lot of people are struggling with this right now. I just wish every Catholic was as thoughtful about communion, as they struggle.

Deacon Greg made no bones about his struggles with a recent religion-free wedding; he writes more about it here.

Okay, now I really am out of here, and I am heading into quiet. Please pray for me, that my time may be fruitful!

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