Obama Should Hire HIM!

Thanks to Francis Beckwith

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  • James


    So much common sense packed into 1 minute and 56 seconds. The cognitive dissonance this clip will incite in the average liberal will probably cause their head to explode.

  • http://victor-undergo.blogspot.com/ Victor

    I say that we should re-elect Jesus Christ!

    I hear ya Anchoress! And I second “IT” Victor!:)


  • James

    (“I say that we should re-elect Jesus Christ!”)

    According to my liberal friends with the Hope and Change halos- we did.

  • Deacon Walter Ayres

    If rich people are willing to pay their fair share of taxes, should we deny them that opportunity?

  • Greta

    I loved the line “the top 1% who pay for 22% of this country; lets not call them names while they are doing this.” It has always irked me that the Democrats have become a party that demonizes success unless you are in the PC gene pool such as hollywood types that support your causes. The corporate jets write off was part of Obama’s own stimulus deal. He just had an a greement last December to extend the Bush tax cuts for two years as part of his package deal with Republicans. What good is Obama’s word if he does a deal and now wants to change it so soon after it goes into law? Why would anyone want to negotiate with someone who has no moral fibre to keep their word for at least the term of the agreement? If it was so good back in December, why starting only 60 days later was he bashing his own agreement?

    I really think all Americans with an income should pay something in income tax. I really have a problem with those paying nothing voting for people who promise them more at someone else’s expense. Most of the framers warned about this type of situation and it makes no sense in a democracy where those paying nothing expect to vote. Not only that, but many want their to be nothing standing in the way of fraud and abuse of the voting system by fighting identification of voters and if they are eligible to vote. To make it easier to vote than get on an airplane or to cash a check does not seem to make any sense.

  • JDC

    That 22% tax share doesn’t seem as impressive when you realize that the top 1% of Americans collectively own over 34% of the nation’s total net worth, and the bottom 40% owns about 0.2%.

    The top 400 earners in 2007 paid an average tax rate of 16.6% on their total income. Whether or not you agree that the wealthiest should pay a larger percent of their total income*, I have yet to meet someone who actually believes that they should pay a LOWER percentage than the middle class.

    Some fault in the collective memory strips our capacity for comparison with the past. As a result, whatever our tax rate is as of today, it’s always too high; never mind that the country was doing quite well – and the rich still lived like kings – when the top marginal rate was literally above 90% (i.e. under Eisenhower).

    *For what it’s worth, Adam Smith himself was a proponent of progressive taxation!