Death by Cuteness!

Wee Cormac son of the ever-pensive but usually-cheerful Joseph Susanka.

The kid routinely lays me flat with his cuteness, but this time I actually screamed from his devastating use of the adorable:

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  • Yep Near Fatal

    Near fatal levels of cuteness. For sure.

    They’ll be calling him Old Blue Eyes before you know it. Hope the kid can croon.

    Wow. That makes the entire budget crisis seem less gloomy that little face full of sunshine!

    Thanks, Anchoress!

  • Jim Pogue

    Wish I could post a similar picture of my grandson Cormac, then the cuteness level would be simply unbearable. The two Cormacs look to be the same age, the age of where adults turn to babbling idiots in a good way.

  • Lindsey Russell

    Gotta love Osh Kosh! I have a new nephew who could give him a run for his money.


  • Greta

    You have to love these pictures of kids. They have the very spirit of God within them yet to be distorted by the realities of this world.

    You also have to cry out in pain when you realize that our country legally has killed over 54 million children just like this and until we stop supporting those responsible for it in every way, it will continue. That is what I see lost when I see this type of picture and remember what Jesus promised for those who hurt them in any way, even by a vote.

    Love those eyes and that smile…